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The Proof That I Lack the Sheer Class and Self-Control of Danny Bonaduce

1. Nick DiPaolo's nic-fit

The highlight of my trip to New York City last weekend was getting to attack both a FRED PHELPS chick AND a 9/11 Troother (language warning) one block from the WTC. (It's a sad commentary that I didn't manage to be as calm and classy as, er, DANNY BONADUCE...)

But this is supposed to be my "showbiz" column, so instead, I'll talk about NICK DIPAOLO.

When I heard he was playing the Gotham over the September 11 weekend, I grabbed two tickets online the day they went on sale.

This comic cosmic alignment would be like a nineteen-year-old serviceman showing up at the Hollywood Canteen on a night HEDY LAMARR was there.

(Why, yes Young People Today® -- within living memory, such a thing existed! Today, we've got this instead.)

When he took the stage Saturday night, DiPaolo was cranky. He said he needed a cigarette but Mayor BLOOMBERG wouldn't let him, or anybody else, smoke in New York City anymore.

DiPaolo proceeded to speculate upon Bloomberg's sexual orientation, although not in those words.

"Oooooh! The room gets quiet now? You liberals are the ones wrecking this city," DiPaolo declared, along with "big girl" Bloomberg.

Having singled out one side of the Gotham room as leftists, DiPaolo addressed most of his scorn to them, complaining about OBAMA ("The first black President? He makes BRYANT GUMBEL look like FLAVOR FLAV") and other Democratic politicians.

DiPaolo noted too -- just as he does in this revealing recent interview -- that his politics have held him back, career-wise:

"It's funny, when I did my first couple open mics, 20-something years ago, I remember somebody saying 'You're going to be popular because you're politically incorrect and that's going to be big.' It's still not true, each year since then, and that was in 1988, it's getting more politically correct, and I'm still waiting for it to swing and it's not going to."

However, DiPaolo's well-deserved cult following is about to get a lot bigger. His new sports radio show, co-hosted with troubled pal ARTIE LANGE, debuts September 26.

I may have to start caring about hockey again.