Men Wearing Flip-Flops Is Apparently a Big No-No


Warmer weather usually means that we get to enjoy a few more fun things in life: ice cream all the time, shorts and skirts, picnics outside, and no more boots! But for all of you men who were looking forward to letting your toes breathe some fresh air as the temperatures begin to rise, you should know that wearing flip-flops is apparently a big no-no. Who knew?


Now that spring is here (at least in some parts of the world), people took to Twitter to rant about men’s toes, and how they should not be seen as the mercury rises.

Nathalie Gordon wrote in a tweet (that has since been deleted): “I think all men should be banned from wearing flip flops unless it’s 25degrees+ and they’re within 3 meters from a body of water.”

Is it that people don’t like unkempt feet? If more men got pedicures, would that be acceptable?

You poor guys will apparently have to stick to sneakers or loafers with your jeans:

And this appears to be a thing all around the world:

And clearly people feel very strongly about this policy:


Perhaps it’s just a matter of dressing up a bit?

Well, of course Jude Law gets a pass. Obviously…

99% effective?

What are your thoughts on the matter? Should men be allowed to let their toes hang free when it’s hot out? Or are gangly, hairy toes with un-manicured toenails where everyone draws the line?



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