Blame Millennials for Killing a Whole Host of Businesses, from Restaurants to Paper Products

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Millennials can’t seem to catch a break. We call them irresponsible and inconsiderate. We take issue with them marrying late (if at all), and living with their parents for far too long. Well now, according to Business Insider, there are at least 19 other things that millennials are doing that are causing a stir.


Apparently, the behavior of the millennials is wreaking havoc across several industries. Here are some highlights:

1. Napkins

Yes, this generation eats outside of the home so much that they aren’t purchasing napkins. And the industry is feeling the consequences. When they do eat at home, they use paper towels, which are more versatile.

2. Cereal

We’ve covered the topic of cereal and millennials before, and it appears that the problem isn’t going away. According to BI, they’re not eating it:

Instead, younger consumers are turning to convenient options with minimal cleanup that can be eaten on the go, from yogurt to fast-food breakfast sandwiches.

Cereal sales dropped 5% from 2009 to 2014, even though more Americans are eating breakfast than ever before.

There are people that I grew up with who survived exclusively on a diet of cereal throughout college. I can’t imagine where they would be without it.

3. Golf

This generation definitely works out (we have them to thank for the barre and cycling crazes) but they do not play rounds of golf. The sport is failing to attract the interest of younger people. Could it die with the Baby Boomer generation?


4. Bars of Soap

While I’m not a millennial, I can actually get on board with this one. From BI:

“Almost half (48%) of all US consumers believe bar soaps are covered in germs after use, a feeling that is particularly strong among consumers aged 18-24 (60%), as opposed to just 31% of older consumers aged 65-plus,” Mintel wrote in a press release.

Remember when soft soap emerged as an option all those years ago? It was onto something!

Some honorable mentions: beer, casual dining chains like Applebees, and “breastaurants” like Hooters.


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