Matching Pet Manicures? You Better Believe They're a Thing Now!

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How much do you love your pet? Sure, we all like our furry friends, but some people take the term “best friend” to epic new levels. If you let your cat or dog sleep in your bed, or you have one of those monitors that allow you to watch them over the internet while you’re at work, you aren’t even scratching the surface of commitment to your pet. Because now, having the same manicure as Fido or Fifi is a thing. Yes. Your nails need to match those of your little buddy.


Refinery29 found some images that have gone viral recently, and they’re pretty spectacular.

Cristi Hanzel, of Littlerock, California, stopped by her local Target in search of nail caps for her cat, Wednesday. What she didn’t expect to find was a set of sparkly purple caps almost identical to her own manicure — and clearly there was no way she was going to be leaving the store without them. “I’m obsessed with my cat, so I was excited to go home and put them on her,” Hanzel told BuzzFeed. She tweeted out photos of the momentous occasion, and the rest is internet history.
As those following the thread soon found, Hanzel is far from the only person matching her nails to her pet’s. Cat owners and dog lovers alike piped in with their similar photos, and the original post has since racked up thousands of likes and retweets.
If you do decide that having a mani-pedi to match your little friend is something you absolutely must do, be sure only to use nail caps or nail polish that is considered safe for pets. The nail polish that humans use is far too toxic for our furry friends. So be safe, and have a blast with your favorite pal.


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