8 Ways to Make Your 4th of July Party More Festive

The 4th of July is obviously the day to commemorate our independence as a nation. But it’s also an excellent reason to celebrate, entertain, and drape just about anything in red, white and blue. If you are planning on having a cookout or just some friends over for a few cocktails, you can kick up the festivities a notch with some colorful accents. Of course you can do so with red, white, and blue streamers, cutlery, and napkins. But if you put in just a tiny bit more time and effort, you can have colorful food to feed your guests! You might not want to make all of these options — there is such a thing as too much decoration. But if you have the energy to add one or two of these ideas to your party, your efforts will not go unnoticed.


Happy Independence Day! Have a safe and wonderful day of fun.

Fun Candy Display


We’re going to start with something very simple. All this takes is a bit of planning. If you have these candies at the entrance so that your guests see them as soon as they arrive, you’ll set the tone for the party and they can enjoy a nice treat before they’ve even had a chance to sit down.

Kid-Friendly Patriotic Punch


If you’re going to have kids at your party, they’re going to love that you included them in the fun. Bonus points if they can help you make it!

Festive Fruit


This delicious take on strawberries looks elegant and is incredibly easy to pull off. A little white chocolate and some blue sprinkles go a long way. Plus, having strawberries for dessert is a refreshing way to end what might be a heavy day of hot dogs and hamburgers.

Red, White, and Blue Deviled Eggs


Not only will this dish look impressive and fun, it is an excellent vegetarian option for your gathering. Dying the eggs is very easy (it’s not much more complicated than soaking them in food coloring for a few minutes), and who doesn’t love a deviled egg?!


Star Fruit


Watermelon is such a refreshing addition to any meal, and you can easily make it fun for the day with just a cookie cutter. It is so simple to do that you might even be able to outsource the job to the kids so that you can focus on the rest of the food. They’ll have a great time helping with this activity.

Sparkling Patriotic Sangria


Every good party needs a signature cocktail — so this is an excellent way to work in the red, white, and blue theme of the day. Be careful though–these drinks go down very easily. Combine them with a hot day and you are certain to get a little tipsy.

Red, White, and Blue Rice Krispies Balls


Rice Krispies treats are one of my favorite desserts to make and eat. They’re easy to put together, and everyone loves them. (Have you ever seen a Rice Krispies treat left over at a bake sale?) Just dye them red and blue and voilà! Happy 4th! You might want to hide them until dessert time, though, because you won’t have any left by the end of the meal.

Dessert Hack


This one is seriously cheating, but nobody said that would be a problem! Ice cream sandwiches are yummy and cool — perfect for a hot day. And dipping them in some red, white and blue sprinkles makes them festive. This is another one that the kids can handle for you. If you do them ahead of time, obviously you’ll want to carefully store them in the freezer.



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