Grandma Can't Stop Crying When She's Reunited With Dog in Hospital

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Shelby Hennick is somewhat of a hero these days, at least to one special person in her life. Shelby’s grandmother was recently admitted to the hospital following a reaction to medication that left her partly paralyzed. Realizing how upset her nan was as a result, Shelby did the one thing that she knew would bring a smile to her face: she snuck in Patsy, her grandma’s dog.


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Shelby’s grandma had looked after Patsy for thirteen years and the two had formed an inseparable bond over the years.

“She got her dog, Patsy, when she was only a couple weeks old, she had to be bottle fed and fit in the palm of her hand,” the 21-year-old told Metro.

Unsurprisingly, dogs were not allowed in the hospital, but that didn’t stop Shelby. She wrapped up Patsy in a blanket and snuck her past the nurses. Even if the hospital staff might have had an inkling that Shelby was breaking the rules, it was well worth it. Her grandmother was so touched by the gesture that she couldn’t stop crying when she was reunited with her beloved furry friend.

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When Shelby posted the images of the reunion to Twitter, the Internet fell in love. In her post, she wrote: “My grandma is in the hospital right now and wanted to see her dog. So I made it look like I was carrying a baby and we made it.”



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