Researchers Say Couples Who Get Drunk Together Stay Together Longer


How do you and your partner have fun? You both enjoy movies? The occasional meal at a restaurant? Perhaps you take a class together from time to time? Here’s something fun: If you like to get drunk together, you might be able to look forward to a long life together. Believe it or not, someone did research on this topic. A study, which looked at couples that have been married an average of 33 years, showed that partners who tended to drink together had fewer marital problems than couples where only one person partook in the “sauce.” It also highlighted the fact that men tended to be the drinkers in couples where only one person drank, but that when women were the ones who indulged in alcohol, the problems were bigger.


To be fair, the study also found that couples where neither person drank alcohol were also pretty happy. So in reality, happiness in the long term as a couple might have more to do with spending quality time enjoying the same activities (whether that includes drinking or not). But if you do drink, then this is as good an excuse as any to initiate a weekly cocktail night in your home! Couples that drink together stay together. Cheers to that!


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