Police Investigating Coca-Cola Cans Contaminated With Human Waste


Coca-Cola has a big problem on its hands in Northern Ireland. The company’s factory in Lisburn recently got a shipment of cans that appeared to be contaminated with human waste.


Topless cans routinely make their way to beverage factories, where they are filled and given tops. In this particular case, production had to be stopped because the machines became clogged. Quality control was responsible for catching the incident quickly. The cans in question were immediately impounded and will not be sold anywhere. Police are investigating what the company has called an “isolated incident.”

The BBC reports:

“Detectives are investigating an incident at commercial premises in the Lisburn area following reports that a consignment of containers delivered to the premises had been contaminated,” said a spokesman for the Police Service of Northern Ireland.

A spokesperson for Coca-Cola said the company was aware of an incident involving empty cans at the Knockmore Hill plant.

“We are treating this matter extremely seriously and are conducting a thorough investigation in cooperation with the PSNI,” said the spokesperson.


It is currently unclear how the contamination occurred, but the parties involved are confident that no affected cans have hit the market. The Food Standards Agency (which is the UK equivalent of the FDA) knows about the incident at the Coca-Cola plant.

Pat Catney, SDLP MLA for Lagan Valley, said the incident “beggars belief.”

“I am not sure how contamination could have come about,” he said. “They are sticklers for hygiene, cleanliness and about contamination.”

“We shall have to wait for the police investigation. But it is a state-of-the art factory. I have been around it and this is one of the most professional set-ups I have ever seen.”


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