Multi-Tasking Mom Waiting for C-Section Uses Her Hospital Time Wisely by Tinting Her Eyebrows

Right before I gave birth to my son, my husband and I scrambled to make sure everything that needed to be in order was. This included things like making sure the dog was taken care of, that I had everything I needed in my go-bag, and that our announcement email was populated with everyone’s names. But apparently there is far more that an expectant mother could be doing with her time while she’s in the hospital waiting to have her baby.


Mollie Harwood, who is a makeup artist and blogger, had to wait quite some time for her scheduled C-section (which had been delayed). Instead of killing time with any number of activities, this mom-to-be got practical. While roaming around the hospital she found a beauty salon (I don’t think my hospital had such amenities…). She realized that prior to arriving for her scheduled surgery, she hadn’t tinted her eyebrows. So that’s exactly what she did.

Harwood posted videos of the tinting process, of the final product, and ultimately of her beautiful baby girl, who was finally born a bit later than initially planned.

“I’m gonna have nice, dark eyebrows ready for my photo with baby…” she says.

Thanks to those new brows, mama looked awesome in her first pics with her daughter.


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