Dad's Hilarious—and Blatantly Honest—Tardy Note to the School Is 'The Boss'

Ultimately, there is no excuse for your child to miss school or to be late. In the end there may be no asset more valuable to your child’s future than a complete and well-rounded education – except, perhaps, honesty. Still, this father clearly wins with his blatantly honest and amazing excuse for why his daughter was late for school.


As a born-and-bred New Jersey girl who grew up with The Boss, I can only hope my son has the pleasure and luck this little girl had in getting to see Bruce & his E-Street Band perform! All I can say is, “Well done!” to dad for not attempting to hide this fact, and of course for his sense of humor.

Patrick Pipino's kids were late to school today. This is the excuse note the Saratoga Springs father wrote. Does he make a valid point?Hear from him in our evening newscasts.

Posted by WNYT NewsChannel 13 on Tuesday, February 9, 2016


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