Coming to America: 'Low Emission Zones' Geared to Make You Buy a Chinese EV

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The best way to meet the World Economic Forum's (WEF) goal of stealing your wheels is to make driving too expensive. How can the globalists pull that off without looking like the evil, lizard-skinned, miserable people we know them to be?


For starters, they can make gas too spendy to leave your homes, which Biden achieved moments after taking the White House. They can also ramp up tolls, especially in blue states like New Jersey, New York, and Maryland.

SCAM-O-RAMA! A round trip from Long Island to Baltimore will cost $74.14 in tolls and $56.06 in gas, for a total of $130.20, which is why I stopped performing in Maryland years ago.

The commies running the UK have found a new way to bend their weak knees to their globalist daddies yet again to make the weather better in 30 years: fine people for driving certain cars in "low emission zones."

Scotland appears to be the first to lick Klaus Schwab's boots and punish its citizens who dare drive cars the globalists want to purloin.

FACT-O-RAMA! The world's so-called elites fly in roughly 1,000 private planes to Davos, Switzerland, every year to discuss how to punish us.

The pathetic desire of Scottish lickspittle politicians to taste the arse of the globalist animals who seek to enslave them has led Scotland to fine drivers who dare motor supposedly "high emission vehicles" through designated "low emission zones" (LEZ) in four towns, Edinburgh, Dundee, Glasgow, and Aberdeen.

The "low emission zone" website is confusing, stating that offending hoopties will be banned, not just fined:


Scotland’s Low Emission Zones will only allow access to vehicles which meet minimum emission standards or meet the exemption criteria.

The below vehicle checker will allow you, by providing your vehicle registration number, to check if your vehicle can or cannot drive within a LEZ based on whether it is considered compliant or non-compliant with the emission standards.

Please note that the vehicle checker will not provide an exemption status for all national or local exemptions. You will need to check whether you or your vehicle meet exemption criteria before travel.

If your Vehicle Registration Number (Number Plate) has changed in the last five years the result from the vehicle checker may not be correct. You should therefore confirm if your vehicle is compliant by checking the emission standards with the manufacturer.

This service cannot check vehicles that are registered outside the UK.

The fines will be £60 ($76.22) for each cloud-hating infraction but will be reduced by 50% if the malevolent motorist pays the tribute in 14 days.

Roughly 1,078,580 Scottish jalopies are in the crosshairs, and £3.5million have already been hoovered up in Glasgow alone.

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As I've written before, whether it's a new dance craze or an influx of cultural newcomers replacements, what happens in the UK will eventually find its way to the U.S.


Joe Biden, always eager to appease the Chinese who threw the Biden family mad stacks, introduced the strictest auto emissions in U.S. history nine days ago. That way, Americans will be compelled to buy electric cars, China will cash in, and Biden will have earned the millions of dollars China sent the Biden family.

Expect Biden to baby-step American drivers toward this LEZ nonsense in less than five years.

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