Fauci Flunky Admits to Deleting COVID Emails

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Fauci's 20-year stooge at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), David Morens, who is also the best friend of Dr. Peter Daszak, the president of EcoHealth Alliance, testified before Congress on Wednesday and all but pooped his socks.


FACT-O-RAMA! It is believed Fauci, through Morens, gave mad stacks to EcoHealth Alliance, which then gave the money to the Wuhan lab to conduct experiments that would make people susceptible (gain-of-function) to COVID. Something Fauci testified did not happen.

Apparently, there are discrepancies in Morens' testimony in January and some documents Congress uncovered afterward.  

Congress brought Morens to Capitol Hill today to ask why he used a Gmail account to dodge the Freedom of Informant Act (FOIA) when communicating about the COVID virus we were assured came, not from a lab, but from a guy who ate a bat salad, so that he could “delete anything he doesn’t want to see in the New York Times.”

While being questioned by Rep. James Comer, R-Ky.), Morens stammered like Joe Biden at a Girl Scout meeting. He clearly knew Congress had done its homework.

Morens was busted in a big fat felonious lie. Several actually.

"He denied discussing EcoHealth and the WIV (Wuhan Institute of Virology) with Dr. Fauci, but in his emails, he did. He denied conducting official NIAID or NIH (National Institute of Health) business over his personal emails. He did,” committee Chairman Brad Wenstrup, (R-Ohio) quipped to the Washington Examiner.


Morens advised his "best friend" on how to get his Wuhan grant back after Trump canceled it in 2020. He also sought help from the "FOIA lady" on how to not get busted.

FACT-O-RAMA! EcoHealth Alliance and Dr. Daszak have both been banned by the Biden administration from further government grants.

"I learned from our FOIA lady on how to make emails disappear," Morens emailed to NIH officials.

You can watch the painful testimony below. Feel his pain as Congress reads his emails aloud with his braggadocious quips about how the "FOIA lady" taught him to cover his tracks.

Watch him squirm as Comer reminds him that deleting federal forms is a crime, and laugh as Morens pretends he doesn't know what a federal form is (HINT: it's any email regarding his work).

Laugh with glee as Comer reads Morens' email claiming that "Tony [Fauci] is too smart" to use his NIH email for things he doesn't want to go public.

When pushed as to whether he conducted business on his private email, Morens quaffs, pivots, and panics. My favorite part is when he sheepishly admits some of his emails "looks pretty incriminating."


He shamefully blames "feedback" for not being able to hear questions he desperately wants to avoid.

The juiciest part for me is when Marjorie Taylor-Greene reads his email about how he and Fauci deleted their emails regarding the origins of COVID. And then she mentions kickbacks from EcoHealth Alliance that Morens wrote about in an email.

The evidence is damning. Morens is clearly covering for Fauci.

Rand Paul has called for an investigation of Fauci. Morens' goose appears to be cooked. Will the DOJ lean on Morens and go after Fauci? Sadly, I find that hard to believe.




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