The New Orleans Mass Shooting That Almost Stayed a Secret

AP Photo/Matt Rourke

Bullets flew Saturday at midnight outside of a club in New Orleans called Republic. By the time the shooting was over, one woman was dead and 11 more were injured.


FACT-O-RAMA!  A large number of mass shootings occur at clubs and parties.

Normally the gunphobes in the Pravda press would jump on this occasion to scream "white supremacy" and try to purloin our gats, but "somehow," despite the 12 ventilated victims, this story needed a 48-hour delay to hit the front pages.

The dead woman is black. We know nothing of the other victims. Oddly, the mainstream media hasn't mentioned a description of the shooter or shooters.

But after a 48-hour delay, New Orleans Marxists have gotten their stories together and have decided that Louisiana's new concealed carry law has got to go.

FACT-O-RAMA! The mayor of New Orleans, Latoya Cantrell, is a Democrat.

Never mind that people who can't legally own a gun commit most shootings. A pretty black woman is dead, and though details about the shooters are scarce, one thing is sure, Democrats can't wait to stand on her corpse and try to purloin your weapon. I only wish that city officials were so devoted to finding the guilty that they released a description of the shooters, (I say shooters because a friend claims the deceased victim was caught in a crossfire.


One would think that someone saw at least one of the gunmen, but authorities have no descriptions at this time. As of this writing, the shooters are free and should be considered armed and dangerous, yet New Orleans officials seem to be more focused on defeating the new concealed carry law than bringing murderers to justice.

"This was a tragic incident,” New Orleans police Supt. Anne Kirkpatrick declared at a presser. But it was apparently not tragic enough to tell the people whom they should be on the lookout for.

“Because this is a very early investigation, we don’t want to give a lot of information,” Kirkpatrick continued. 

Duly noted.

We do know that a rapper from Atlanta named Anycia was hosting the events of the evening. inside the club. A local tenant claimed the neighborhood was "safe," but the gunplay didn't surprise him(???).


New Orleans has been dangerous for a long time. 

Kirkpatrick knows that New Orleans is yet another big blue city, but she didn't let that stop her from trying to derail the concealed carry law scheduled to start on July 4.

"It is a unique culture here but one that has been a magnet for gun violence," Kirkpatrick admitted. "The ‘Hospitality Area," from Carrollton to the River, all of the Warehouse District, we need as broad of a gun-free zone as possible. Let’s not go backwards on gun violence. This bill not only puts us backwards but endangers every law enforcement officer out here. It’s not OK. It was not thought through."


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