Marxism: It's Why We Can't Have Nice Things — Like an Education

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Remember when working hard and working smart was a ticket to the top? Well, apparently, in the world of the communists, meritocracy is somehow "racist." 

Marxism has reared its ugly mug again in the United States and — no surprise — it is happening once again where it hurts most: our schools.


FACT-O-RAMA! Karl Marx was a draft-dodging sluggard. His excessive drinking and smoking, as well as his late-night jollifications and poor diet, resulted in a so-called "weak chest," which kept him from serving in the military. Later in his life, Marx relied financially on his wealthy textile magnate friend Friedrich Engels for money to support Marx's family, all while promoting an idea that could topple Engels' business empire. In short, Marx was neither a wealthy member of the "bourgeoisie," which he abhorred, (though he relied on one for money), nor was he a working class "proletariat" type whom he claimed to champion. Karl Marx was a narcissistic, overweight, alcoholic loser who couldn't support his own family.

The Seattle Public School district has decided to bulldoze its program for "gifted" pupils due to a bumper crop of those pesky white and Asian students occupying too many desks.

While some Seattle-area schools were busy snagging headlines by forcing students to eat lunch outside in inclement weather to avoid COVID-19, other officials began quietly culling their "Highly Capable Cohort" classes back in the 2021-2022 school year. The last "advanced placement" school will disappear in time for the 2027-2028 school year in favor of a new program that will be more “inclusive, equitable, and culturally sensitive.”


WHACK-O-RAMA! Seattle area schools forced kids to eat their lunches outside in frigid, rain-soaked weather while teachers had lunch indoors, despite the scientific data proving that kids were far less susceptible to COVID than adults. Parents obeisantly allowed their kids to eat outside in the elements, six feet away from their nearest friend. Parenthood is not for everyone.

According to the school district's website, Seattle's three "gifted" elementary, five middle, and three high schools aren't going away; they are "getting better." By that, the district means that it is implementing something it calls the "Highly Capable Neighborhood School Model." That's a nice way of saying that skin color, not grades, will determine who advances in school.

Why would a school district toss its gifted students program into the woodchipper? Because roughly 70% of the students are white, and many are Asian.

“Numbers would suggest that within our city, predominantly white children are more gifted than other cultures and races, and we know that is absolutely not true,” Kari Hanson, Seattle's school district director of student support service, stated to Parent Map.


SYSTEMIC RACISM-O-RAMA! Jon Wang, 18, scored 1590 out of 1600 on his SAT test, but six elite colleges shot him down because of "affirmative action."

Hanson is correct; one race isn't born smarter than another, but punishing the kids who value education and study more than others is a typical pinko response.

A "thinker" would proffer giving more tutelage to students whose grades are lacking, but in our neo-Marxist nation, excellence is punished so that the lazy won't have their feelings hurt. Beauty is reproached, lest the Lizzos of the world get offended. Success is a sign of privilege, no matter how many years one has worked to achieve it.

PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE-O-RAMA! Author Malcolm Gladwell wrote that someone needs to practice whatever his or her trade is for 10,000 hours to reach peak success. Seattle has decided to gut the program for dedicated students while Washington has legalized weed, decrimalized shoplifting, and all but allows criminals to roam free. What could go wrong?

Gladwell's strategy becomes even more intriguing when the apparatchiks in the Pravda press try to "debunk" his findings. You can watch Gladwell share his secret to success in this brief video below.


What have we learned?

We have learned that school officials in Seattle, a Marxist foothold in America, have decided to dismantle their "gifted students" program because of "racism." Students will now be promoted because of their skin color rather than for their intelligence or admirable study habits. 

Again, Marxism rewards the lazy and punishes those who strive for excellence. In a communist society, success is to be avoided, lest you anger the lazy mob that hates you for your hard work as it reminds them of their lack thereof.


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