The Abortion Discussion the Left Won't Hear

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I was recently throwing verbal dukes with an aging hippy friend in one of my local bars. We were debating abortion. It was fun, but as expected, he ran out of “facts” about 30 seconds in. So he started dropping the usual abortion talking points, greatest hits such as, “What if the mother’s life is threatened?” “What if the baby is deformed?” and their supposed knockout punch, “What about rape and incest?”


I had been providing a sanctuary city to glass-loads of my friend Jim Beam and had finally had enough of his monkeyshines. It was time to wrap this up with a Mortal Kombat-like uppercut.

Finish him!

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“Yes, there are varying reasons women seek abortions. Let’s put those rare instances aside for a minute” I said. “Most abortions are due to irresponsible behavior by two people. Why not just use birth control?”

The incensed hippy went on a fact-free, insane rant about Republicans trying to outlaw birth control and force the United States into a “Handmaid’s Tale” kind of society. He regurgitated the myth that poor people don’t have access to birth control. Of course, insurance companies were to blame because they frequently do not cover the cost of “the pill.”

FACT-O-RAMA!  Condoms are readily available at gas stations, 7/11s, drug stores, and frequently grocery stores throughout the nation. Properly used, they are 98% effective. For those who somehow can’t figure out how to use a condom, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has a video showing how it works. Intrauterine Devices (IUDs) are more than 99% effective and are free to women on Medicaid.


The hippy was done. I pressed the issue but logic and Marxists aren’t on talking terms. He went home in a huff.

FACT-O-RAMA! Even the leftists at USA Today admitted that just 1% of abortion seekers are rape victims and .5% are victims of incest.

These numbers vary slightly but are consistent over time:

  • More than 50% of pregnancies are unwanted.
  • Roughly 40% of women seeking an abortion do so because they don’t have the finances to support a baby. This includes single women.
  • Just about 36% claim their pregnancy is “bad timing.”
  • An additional 31% claim they have “issues” with their partner.
  • More than 20% claim having a baby would interfere with their education or careers.
  • A mere 3% revealed the honest truth: they just don’t want kids.

The truth is, none of those abortion-seekers wanted children at this time, and a large number of them did not take precautions to prevent a pregnancy.

“Partner issues” involve, but are not limited to, women sleeping with someone they probably should not, like extra-marital partners, “hook-ups,” and loser boyfriends. Perhaps the guy wasn’t “Mr. Right” but “Mr. Right Now.”

As I read it, it comes down to a whole lot of irresponsibility from both women and their partners, who in some cases are more akin to sperm donors (one-night stands, “breakup sex,” etc.) than partners.


Check out these women complaining they can’t have random sex now that Roe v. Wade has been kicked to the states. From the Daily Dot:

“What woman would have mediocre s*x with a drunk rando if he could potentially father their child,” Gwyn wrote in the video’s overlay text. […]

Many commenters on Gwyn’s video shared that SCOTUS potentially overturning Roe and Casey would motivate them to make changes [in] their sexual behavior.

“I’m entering my celibacy era,” @rebecky69420 commented.

“Deleting all dating apps as we speak,” @ghbsthbh wrote.

“I already told my sneaky link, no more meet up’s cause of fears of pregnancy,” @confusedlobsters commented.

The victimhood-peddling Pravda-ites at NPR believe birth control is “hard to use” and go so far as to say “it should be a responsibility that society shares.” I believe birth control should be a decision between the people having sex.

The truth is that irresponsibility — not using any birth control or misusing it — is the number one reason for unplanned pregnancies. Abortion, for many, is a way out of a pregnancy two people didn’t want but chose not to prevent.

FACT-O-RAMA! One of the foremost differences between leftists and conservatives is that right-leaners are more responsible than libs.


Let’s run some numbers. There were 620,327 abortions in the U.S. in 2020. That means there were just over 192,301 abortions due to women having “issues” with their sex partners. Again, this can include one-night hook-ups with someone a woman wants nothing to do with, an abusive boyfriend, an ex-husband, etc.

Women had 18,609 abortions simply because they didn’t want children. I read this as women relying on abortion as birth control.

What Have We Learned?

American women had 620,327 abortions in 2020 and the number one reason was irresponsibility, both on their part and that of the men they slept with.

Yes, condoms break and accidents happen. Life throws us curveballs, and sometimes that comes in the form of an unwanted pregnancy. Life can be unfair.

The truth is, an IUD used with condoms will be as close as one can get to 100% effective pregnancy prevention, and will also cut down on STDs. Consistent use of that method would put an end to the number one reason for unwanted pregnancies, but it would require a degree of responsibility.

Leftists have been indoctrinated to believe poor people don’t have access to birth control or lack the knowledge to use it, but I disproved that above. Democrats sell victimhood. Without it, their party might dissolve. Marxists don’t like to be responsible for their lives, and changing that will be a hard hurdle to jump.


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Some of the greatest minds in the media believe unwanted children are a leading cause of poverty. If Democrats would offer poor people facts, not victimhood, they could improve their lives, but then Democrats would lose a large part of their voter base. The lizard people in the Democrat Party prefer their voters to remain ignorant and dependent on the government and thus easy to control.



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