The Democrats' Greatest Achievement: Convincing Idiots That Tyranny Is Virtue

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I have to give it to the progressives Marxists–they sure know how to play the long game.

The far lefties have spent decades demonizing conservatives, Republicans, and white Christians as hateful, racist, terrorists, hell-bent on oppressing minorities, and, lately, guilty of taking down our American democracy, while at the same time assuring their minions they are morally superior to these same liberty-embracing crowd.


OPINION-O-RAMA! Many leftists are self-hating cowards who need to feel supreme over a group of people, and those people would be you and I. But what do I know? I’m just a former self-hating coward leftist who used to look down on people like you until a friend — whom I’ll call a true son of liberty — shook the stupid out of me.

Leftists, desperate to feed their cowardice — rather than starve it to death and replace it with courage — eat up their phantom supremacy by swallowing whatever self-righteous balderdash their Democrats masters throw at them, even if that means slowly stripping away their own freedoms.

Those at the top of the Democrat hate pyramid have learned they can thrust tyranny on their myrmidons if they just thinly disguise it with a bogus sense of virtue. The weak are easy prey.

Die-hard leftists will trip over themselves in a desperate attempt to out-virtue signal their Bolshie friends, and if that means cutting off their noses to spite our Constitution-loving faces, so be it.

TRUE STORY-O-RAMA! A liberal, white, gay friend of mine was walking in NYC at night. He was heading in the direction of a dangerous-looking black man. His instincts told him to cross the street. His liberal social conditioning told him he was being “racist” so he continued walking. Moments later, the man held a gun to my friend’s head and demanded his wallet. He chose liberal talking points over centuries of instinct-building, and it could have cost him his life. At least he wasn’t “racist.”


When the Stalinites decided a man in a dress is every inch a woman as our mothers, far-left poltroons eagerly accepted the codswallop, lest they  be deemed “transphobic.” When their masters told them it is noble to have a needy drag queen in a dress shake his taped-up penis at their kids — and hateful not to — supposedly well-educated suburban moms fought for space in the front row.

Those of us with workable brains know evil when we see it. But when the far left declared it is honorable to carve out the breasts and/or genitals of a confused 15-year-old, leftists bent the knee and hoped beyond all hope their little Connor would some day put on his mom’s slippers. Next stop, vaginoplasty!

To the leftist, the only thing better than one of those shameless, virtue-signaling “In This House We Believe” signs is their 14-year-old son, who is now wearing makeup and panties to school. You and I see that as child abuse. It’s evil, but the leftist doesn’t care. It’s all about being better than those conservatives who “hatefully” feel teens should wait until they are 18 years old and a bit more mature before undergoing gruesome surgeries that will still likely result in a suicide attempt.

FACT-O-RAMA! The fiends at the top of the Democrat pyramid — likely the Chinese communists — don’t care about trans people. They use them as pawns to see who will fall in line and accept the anti-science notion that a man can be a woman if he decides to be. To “tolerate and accept” — i.e., “live and let live” — in regards to trans people isn’t enough. You must believe a man can be a woman or you’re a bigot, and that label is the one the Marxists use to intimidate people into subservience. Bend the knee or we will have you fired, clean out your bank account, and maybe even kick in your door at 6:00 am with machine guns pointed at your head. So-called “liberals” cheer on this American tyranny because, after all, liberty -loving Americans are the enemy.


The left has spent decades attacking white, pro-life Christians (black Christians get a pass) as misogynists who “want to control women’s bodies” rather than people who are understandably opposed to shredding a child in utero. The truth is, if some pink-haired, razor-dodging harpy wanted to put her cankle into a wood chipper,  I would try to talk her out of it — not because I want to control her Twinkie-fueled physique, but out of compassion. If I wanted to “control her body,” I’d have tried to talk her out of that tackle box full of face piercings and that stupid Che Guevara tattoo on her forehead. But I didn’t do that either. Live and let live, right? Either way, I’ll be declared a misogynist and stalked by Antifa prags.

COVID Tyranny

Democrats used the “moral high road” approach to convince their lemmings that giving up their most basic liberties was a sign of moral fortitude and not what it really was: unprecedented tyranny not seen on American soil since Democrats “owned” black people.

Cowardly leftists hid in their homes, masked their kids, and stood on dots a the grocery store, thinking they were honorably saving lives, though study after study would prove otherwise.

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Many leftists lined up to get their kids an untested “vaccine” for a virus that would kill virtually no healthy children — and felt a sense of moral superiority doing it — all because their masters told them it makes them better than the rest of us. Never mind your stupid freedom–don’t you want to “do the right thing”?


Your typical far-left Democrat doesn’t own a gun but drools at the notion of killing off the 2nd Amendment for two reasons: it will supposedly make the country safer (HAHAHAHAH), and it will piss off Constitution-loving conservatives.

But what about the crime explosion gutting big blue cities? Certainly, that carnage would leak into the safe, white suburbs, right? Whatever, you racist.

FACT-O-RAMA! The 2nd amendment wasn’t about hunting or protection from crime. It was for fighting a tyrannical government. Perhaps even the type of government that would force you to stay home, get an untested shot, and have you fired for not obeying.

The libtards don’t see that they are being virtue-bullied into giving up yet another liberty. They accept tyranny with a sense of moral grandiosity.

Once leftists go all-in on giving up their liberties for phantom virtue there is no turning back. They will give up their gas stoves and cars, they will replace their light bulbs, and they will throw out their dishwashers. They will eat bugs, own nothing and like it, and even hand deliver their children to pedophiles, all while believing they are better than you for doing so.

My hat is off to the commies. They found a weak portion of the nation and convinced them that submission is strength and not cowardice. Your blue-haired, trans-pansexual sister-in-law will proudly move into a pod she shares with an “undocumented” Honduran serial rapist while calling you a bigot for not complying.




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