Another Mass Shooting in Texas and — Once Again — the Shooter Isn't a Drooling Redneck in a MAGA Hat

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A mass shooting in Texas has left five people dead, including one child, and three more kids wounded.

The whispering imps in the lefty, Pravda news industry didn’t want to mention that the shooter is a Mexican national, though at least one was quick to point out the type of gun he used.

5 dead in Texas ‘execution-style’ shooting, suspect armed with AR-15 is on the loose,” ABC reported.

Fast facts about the mass shooting in Texas:

  • Francisco Oropeza, 39, was firing his rifle around midnight. His neighbors asked him to stop.
  • Oropeza approached his neighbor’s home, entered, and began firing.
  • All of the dead victims were shot “execution style” in the head.
  • Everyone who was shot is believed to be Honduran.
  • Two dead adults were found lying on top of children to protect them from Oropez.
  • Oropeza has been trapped in a wooded area. As many as 75 law enforcement officials are set up in a perimeter around the forest.

“One of the victims came out of the house and said, hey, we have a small baby that’s trying to sleep,” San Jacinto County Sheriff Greg Capers reported to KTRK News. “And the man said, I’ll shoot out in my front yard, I do what I want to in my own residence.”

The police responded with dogs, cops on horses, and a drone to help in the manhunt.

Did Oropeza buy his gun legally? That will come down to his immigration status. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) website has this to say:

A nonimmigrant alien without residency in any state may not purchase and take possession of a firearm. A nonimmigrant alien may only purchase a firearm through a licensee where the licensee arranges to have the firearm directly exported. A nonimmigrant alien who falls within an exception may, however, purchase and take possession of ammunition.

A nonimmigrant alien who has established residency in a state may purchase and take possession of a firearm from an unlicensed person, provided the buyer and seller are residents of the same state, and no other state or local law prohibits the transaction. A nonimmigrant alien with residency in a state may purchase a firearm from a licensee, provided the sale complies with all applicable laws and regulations.


Like so many mass shootings we’ve seen lately — and many the media has decided to ignore — this shooting doesn’t live up to the myth that most mass shootings are committed by “angry white men.”

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A brutal mass shooting at an April 15 “Sweet Sixteen” party in Dadeville, Ala., left four people dead and 32 wounded. None of the six gun-toters arrested were white. Due to the demographics of the shooters and victims, the tragedy was quickly memory-holed.


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