Thug-Hugging Chicago State's Attorney Kim Foxx Not Seeking Reelection

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Cook County, Ill., State’s Attorney Kim Foxx — whose thug-hugging, limp-on-crime approach has turned Chicago into Tijuana North — has decided not to run for re-election next year.


“I am announcing today that at the conclusion of my term, November of 2024, I will be stepping down as State’s Attorney. I will not be on next year’s ballot, by my choice,” Foxx revealed.

The bad news is her term doesn’t end until November 2024, which means she still has about a year and a half to get more people — mostly black — slaughtered in Chicago’s three-years-and-counting crime tsunami.

FACT-O-RAMA! As of this writing, 749 Chicagoans have been shot, and 172 have been murdered in 2023.

Foxx won her last re-election race by campaigning on the promise to “fight every single day to continue the important work of reforming justice and making a fairer, safer system for Cook County.”

That means letting — and keeping — people of a certain demographic group out of jail.

Chicago Mayor-elect Brandon “Worse than Lightfoot” Johnson had this to say about Foxx’s decision not to run again:

Kim Foxx made history as the first Black woman elected as Cook County state’s attorney and has been instrumental in working to reform the Conviction Bond Office, which has resulted in overturning nearly 200 wrongful convictions, expunging more than 15,000 cannabis crimes, and bringing equity to a criminal justice system that has long disenfranchised people and communities of color. She has led her office with dignity and civility, and as a colleague at the county level, I am grateful for the work that she has accomplished in her two terms. I wish her all the best in her future endeavors.


Reasons to Celebrate Foxx’s Departure

Foxx leaves behind a legacy of commie-riffic crime policies and a body count to prove it. Her Stalinist program includes such deadly ideas as:

  • dropping charges in 29.9% of all felony cases, some of which involved murder charges
  • releasing roughly 101 murder and 21 attempted murder suspects to walk freely around Chicago in ankle bracelets which, last I checked, doesn’t keep people from committing crimes
  • allowing people to carry a gun illegally — without being arrested — if they haven’t yet committed a violent crime
  • allowing fanged felon Daniel Regalado out of jail despite his long list of felony arrests, including a situation that brought out the SWAT team — leaving him out of jail long enough to kill a 12-year-old black girl, Cire Robinson

BLAST-O-RAMA! A Chicagoan is shot every three minutes and 40 seconds, and one is killed every 16 hours.

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Chicagoans yearning for an end to Chicago’s weekly “Festival of Lead” weekends voted away that pipe dream when they elected Brandon Johnson to replace Beetlejuice Lightfoot as mayor. Johnson recently admonished people for “demonizing” hundreds of teens who rioted throughout the Windy City for two nights, attacking people, destroying cars, and wreaking havoc.




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