Premature Jacquerie: How the Commies Came at Us Too Soon


If there is a word men hate, it’s “premature,” but that word sums up why the bolshies are losing their latest attempt to enslave us.

Revolution — like comedy — is all about timing.

God bless Democrat beta-preemies like Cuck Schumer. Their unrepining alacrity for commie domination mixed with their inability to hold their fire ’til they saw the whites of our eyes have almost already lost them the war. The commie stains on the left — to quote Japan’s WWII hero Admiral Yamamoto — have “awakened a sleeping giant.”

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When elderly-culling governors like Andrew Cuomo and Gretchen Whitmer pushed us to lock down for “two weeks to flatten the curve,” I remember saying, “This is a dress rehearsal for communism.” I was wrong: it was showtime. Fortunately for patriotic Americans, the apparatchiks started their beer hall White Claw putsch too soon.

It seemed like the Dems had everything going off on schedule.

  • Highly irregular election: CHECK!
  • Reichstag Fire situation at the Capitol on January 6: CHECK!
  • A weaponized DOJ/FBI to chase down those rascally patriots who took seditious selfies in Our House: CHECK!
  • Imprisoning political prisoners: CHECK!
  • BS January 6 Committee to control the narrative: CHECK!
  • Prepare the population by slowly taking away our liberties with lockdowns, mask mandates, and no right not to be injected with an ineffective shot: CHECK!
  • Federal takeover of big tech: CHECK!
  • Thirty-plus investigations/lawsuits against main political foe President Trump: CHECK!-ish

That’s when things went south for the pinkos.

FACT-O-RAMA! Despite investigation after investigation — and two impeachments — the left has yet to make anything stick to President Trump, aka the new “Teflon Don.”

I always knew we could win this war if we could simply convince We the People that we are indeed at war. And now, that may finally be happening.

Smell the Musk

Just when things were looking good for the Leninists trying to kill off our Democratic Republic, the cavalry began to arrive. No one could have predicted it, but South Africa’s favorite billionaire, Elon Musk, bought Twitter.

Twitter is where many people on all sides of the aisle go to communicate. The nation’s leading Castroites laughingly enjoyed their power to cancel anyone on Twitter who dared to think freely, which they did at the urging of the aforementioned Stasi-like FBI.

The left pooped their socks when they saw that pesky free-speech nonsense return to Twitter. The real insurrection became harder to sell once the good guys were back in charge of a major communication hub.

Then Tucker Carlson got in the fight.

Carlson showed the world undoctored videos of MAGA people — specifically Q Anon witch doctor Jacob Chansley, the poster boy for January 6  — enjoying a peaceful guided tour through the Capitol.

We saw Trumpers being let into the Capitol by police. Many stayed between the velvet ropes. Some fist-bumped police. In the video below, a Trump supporter asks to fist-bump a cop and claims. “I’m here to protect you.”

Thanks to Tucker’s release of the January 6 tapes, the world now knows what most of us knew all along: patriotic Americans — not drooling white supremacists in MAGA hats — walked into open doors at the Capitol to be heard.

LIES-O-RAMA! Lefty ass-goblins like AOC perpetuated the myth that five officers were killed on January 6. No cops died. Officer Sicknick was not assaulted with a fire extinguisher. He died of a stroke the next day. Officer Evans was murdered months later by a follower of Louis Farrakhan, yet incredibly, he was added to the list of officers “killed” on January 6. Three other officers would sadly take their own lives in the months after January 6, but these are not considered “line of duty” deaths.

Chuck “the Stain” Schumer went off the rails over the release of real, undoctored videos — which smash the J6 narrative — and began to blubber from the tar pit he calls home. Elon Musk was quick to respond:

REMINDER-O-RAMA! If Musk hadn’t bought Twitter, these videos — and the people who share them — would be bumped off Twitter by the FBI and commie prags who once ruled over the social media giant.

The ship is slowly turning. Americans who prefer not to get involved in politics have begun to see how far to the left our nation has gone, and they’re taking notice.

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We haven’t won yet — far from it — but people are waking up to the putrid smell of communism emanating from Washington, D.C. Twitter is alight with support for Chansley. Patriots who once hid in the shadows of the platform now boldly — and bravely — post “#J6Defendant” in their profiles. Chuck Schumer sees the dinosaur-eradicating meteor of truth headed his way and continues to flail his tiny, tyranny-saurus hands in protest. Sorry, Chuck, not this time. You were premature — but I’m sure you’ve heard that before.



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