Three Reasons the Libs Will Never Believe J6 Was the Definition of a Mostly Peaceful Protest

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If you think Jehovah’s Witnesses are bullheaded, try explaining to a liberal that Jan. 6 was more of a party gone bad than an attempt to topple the U.S. government.


FACT-O-RAMA! The FBI quietly admitted in August 2021 that they found “scant evidence” of a planned insurrection on Jan. 6. The Communist News Network (CNN) probably “forgot” to mention that.

They won’t accept the truth. They can’t. Libs need to cling like barnacles to the belief that every MAGA granny who walked through the open doors at the Capitol is a Trump-loving, racist traitor who wanted to cannibalize Mike Pence and hang Mitt Romney by his magic underwear from the tasteless yet unworkable gallows we’ve seen a thousand times.

The Democrats need to propagate the narrative that Jan. 6 was the “greatest threat to our democracy since the Civil War” for at least three reasons.

Reason #1: The Narrative

The left has — until the Tucker tapes were revealed — pushed the belief that Trump-loving animals tried to topple the U.S. government.

Considering that some J6 protestors have had their lives turned upside down — financially or socially — it’s safe to assume that the lefty narrative has become the accepted belief of what happened on Jan. 6. People convicted of nothing more than trespassing have lost their jobs. Some have been shunned by their families. Others killed themselves.


The tyrants pushing the belief that J6 was an insurrection don’t care about any of these people. The narrative is everything. Without it, the other two reasons are pointless.

Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) happily beclowned himself by demanding that we ignore what Tucker is showing us and simply cling to the lefty flapdoodle J6 narrative because, well, just because.

In other words, Schumer is saying, “Don’t trust Tucker’s cherry-picked videos; trust our cherry-picked videos.”

Tucker invited Schumer to come on his show for a discussion, but Schumer set his poltroon level to 11 and weaseled out of the invitation.

FACT-O-RAMA! A Harvard study from August 2022 showed that a vast majority of Amercians convicted of J6 crimes were not involved in an “insurrection.”

Reason #2: Antifa and BLM

BLM and its non-binary harridan siblings of Antifa caused a LOT of damage in 2020-2021. The lefty news spewed their laughable “fiery but mostly peaceful” applesauce to cover Antifa’s waxed bums but, let’s face it, only useful idiots believed those reports.

Speaking of useful idiots, Democrat lickspittles like Don Lemon gushed over the events of Jan. 6. It was the event they needed to take the focus off of the Democrats’ Marxist brownshirts and the billions of dollars in damage they’ve incurred.


DAMAGE-O-RAMA! According to this Real Clear Politics comparison of the 2020 George Floyd riots, Trump inauguration riot, and Jan. 6, BLM and Antifa dwarfed Jan. 6 protesters in every category: damages caused, police injured, etc., except for federal charges. J6 protesters have faced hundreds more federal charges than BLM and Antifa combined.

Reason #3: Never-Trump

The biggest reason the left needs you to believe Jan. 6 was an “insurrection” is because it can’t risk another Trump term.

Donald Trump
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If the Democrats and their lychee-free allies in the GOP — chiefly the three-headed swamp hydra quislings Romney, Graham, and McConnell — can get an “insurrection” conviction against Trump, he can’t run for president in 2024, and then our filthy federal government can get back to business as usual: selling arms to Ukraine and pushing feckless vaccines.

Tucker Carlson’s J6 tapes are enough to convince a thinking human of what did — and did not — happen in the Capitol, every inch of which is under surveillance. But since when are liberals thinking humans?

No one is denying that there were violent jackpuddings causing chaos on Jan. 6. Have at them. The mostly peaceful Trumpers are okay with them being punished. They do not represent We the People. Now let’s enjoy a little transparency and see all of the tapes.


But transparency will be the death of the “insurrection” codswallop. Most leftists know the truth and don’t want it to get out. The blue anons can watch all 44,000 hours — or roughly five years’ worth of mostly peaceful videos — and will still think your MAGA-capped meemaw who walked through the open doors of the Capitol and hung out for nine minutes is a “traitor.”



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