Unwoke Cocktail of the Week: The New Old Fashioned!

Source: Kevin Downey

Hello, unwoke listeners!

First, I want to thank you for listening to Kruiser and me talk about things we think are important and some occasional inside baseball about standup comedy. We both adore you for spending time with us!


I know I am a bit of a priss about my cocktails but  I only strive for groovy libations. Yes, the obscure ingredients are annoying but not always necessary. Also, they make good cocktails great. I always try to give the basics and the fancy parts (which are not always necessary_.

That said, life is short. Build that bar!

This week’s unwoke cocktail is the “New Old Fashioned.” What is that?

The Unwoke New Old Fashioned is this:

  • Michter’s bourbon
  • Black Tie Old Fashioned mix. You can stop here and have a great drink. or you can add the following:
  • Five dashes of toasted almond bitter
  • A teaspoon of orange blossom water

I know the Black Tie Old Fashioned syrup has bitters in it but I love the toasted almond bitters and put it in everything bourbon related lately.

Black Tie is owned by a friend and they make great cocktail mixes! Please support them!

That is what I am drinking on the “Unwoke With Kevin and Kruiser” podcast this week. It’s DELICIOUS.

Enjoy and please opine in the comments! We would LOVE to know what you are thinking!



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