Why Haven't These 22 Mass Shootings in 2023 Made the News?

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While the media has us focused on the “knife violence” miscreant in Utah and the circus clowns in D.C., “gun enthusiasts” have been blazing up our streets in 15 states and our nation’s capital.


Let’s take a look at the bumper crop of mass shootings we’ve had thus far in 2023.

DEFINITION-O-RAMA! I am going with the traditional definition of a mass shooting: four or more people shot — not including the shooter — in a fluid situation. Meaning, if a clown shoots three people in a Denny’s, takes a nap, watches an episode of “Forensic Files,” and then perforates four more at a Piggly Wiggly, this is not a mass shooting. I also did not count the two mass shootings that took place on New Year’s Eve before midnight, as those shootings belong to 2022.

We are starting the 2023 mass shooting “festival of lead” with a blast!

Shootings at a Glance
  • The 22 mass shootings resulted in 31 people killed and 89 injured.
  • The first mass shooting of the year took place on January 1 at a youth recreation center in Allentown, PA. Four young adults were shot at a basketball game.
  • Florida has had the most mass shootings with three, two of which took place in Miami Gardens
  • The shooting with the most victims injured — with none killed —  was on January 5 in Miami Gardens, FL, where 10 were wounded while making a video for rapper “French Montana.” The other mass shooting that took place in Miami Gardens — the largest predominantly black city in Florida — on New Year’s Eve. Nine were wounded — including a two-year-old — and none were killed
  • The shooting with the most casualties — injured and killed combined — was on January 7 in Huntsville, AL, where two black males killed two people and injured nine. Police recovered over 200 shell casings from two 9mm handguns and an AK-47.
  • There were two mass shootings/murder-suicides. The first was in Cedar City, UT, on January 4, when a white male killed seven family members and himself.
  • A black male killed his wife and three kids — then himself — on January 7 in High Point, NC. Two family members escaped. This is the second of two mass shootings/murder-suicides in 2023.
  • The mass shooting that took place in the smallest town happened in Dumfries, VA, where a black male wounded four teens and killed a three-year-old girl

GAT-O-RAMA! We saw 648 mass shootings in 2022.

Most of the shootings took place where you might expect: the big, blue cities of Minneapolis, San Francisco, Philly, Chicago, Washington D.C., Baltimore, and New Orleans. Were the shooters using legally obtained weapons? Highly unlikely.

It’s hard to say if the two murder-suicide shooters bought their guns legally. But the Hunstville shooting, the shooting at the rapper’s video, and shootings in the big, blue cities seem to have the same common denominator we’ve seen for years : illegally purchased guns in low-income, Democrat-run towns.

Chicago saw 3,602 of its denizens get perforated in 2022. Local politicians are beaming because it’s a 21% drop from 2021. Have they considered the drop may not be due to their political machinations, but might have more to do with the fact that there are far fewer thugs still alive to get shot?

SHUT YOUR LIBERAL BROTHER IN-LAW UP-O-RAMA! Libs like to say “most shootings happen in red states” but fail to mention they take place in mostly blue, liberal cities located in those red states. 

If there is any good news in these stats it’s this: We didn’t have a mass shooting on January 2 or on January 10 (success!). This might have more to do with cold weather keeping thugs snug as a bug indoors than anything else.

Democrats could stop a lot of mass shootings today by locking up career thugs, but that won’t happen.


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None of these 22 shootings made the mainstream news — and you know why: The Democrats can’t use any of them to take away your guns, and that has always been the goal.




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