THE TWITTER FILES, Part VII: The FBI All Up in Twitter's Business

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Twitter dropped the latest round of emails Monday, showing how the FBI used the platform to suppress the absolutely, positively true Hunter Biden laptop story weeks before the 2020 election.


COUP D’ETAT-O-RAMA! The FBI tried to oust Trump from office with a bogus claim that he colluded with Russia during the 2016 election. When that failed, they went to bat for Joe Biden just before the 2020 election by attempting to squelch the Hunter Biden laptop story. The FBI pressured Twitter, Facebook, Google, and other Big Tech giants to treat the laptop story as “Russian disinformation.” The agency also told Twitter to deactivate the accounts of conservatives as well as relatively unknown Twitter users for making jokes. This is the sort of skullduggery we’d like to think can’t happen here in the United States. But it’s been happening at least since the FBI illegally began spying on Trump and his cronies.

The Twitter Files, Part VII was released by Michael Shellenberger, and it’s more proof of what we already know: The FBI told Twitter and Facebook to be on the lookout for “Russian propaganda,” knowing full well there was none, because they wanted the Hunter Biden laptop story to disappear. The truth is that the Biden family hoovered up tens of millions of dollars from, among other sources, companies linked to the Chinese commie government.


SYSTEMIC FRAUD-O-RAMA! Gropey Joe Biden has always known what we all know now — everything on Hunter’s laptop is true. Yet he found 51 “former intel specialists” who would gladly state that the laptop looked like a “Russian disinformation campaign.” At the same time, the FBI was trying to squelch the reality of Hunter’s laptop from exploding on Twitter, Facebook, and other Big Tech applications, and perhaps hurting Joe Biden’s election campaign.

Takeaways from the Twitter Files, Part VII

Following the Twitter drops can be confusing, and there is some redundancy in the latest batch of tweets, so let’s look at some crib notes from what dropped today:

  • On October 14, 2020 — weeks before the 2020 election — The New York Post ran the completely true Hunter Biden laptop story. The FBI immediately went to work on social media giants like Twitter and Facebook to suppress the story. The FBI claimed it was a Russian “hack and leak” operation, though FBI agent Elvis Chan admitted they had no new intel to support this idea.
  • Twitter big-wigs claimed they saw very little Russian activity on their platform but deleted 345 mostly inactive accounts they had previously linked to Russian hackers.
  • The FBI urged Twitter execs to share data with them, data that would normally require a warrant.
  • Though the FBI knew Hunter’s laptop wasn’t a Russian “hack and leak” operation, they repeatedly asked Twitter execs for evidence of Russian interference. Twitter kept responding that they were finding nothing worth reporting.
  • The FBI repeatedly asked for information from Twitter, such as IP addresses for certain accounts, but Twitter refused to hand it over without going through the normal, legal routes. FBI agent Elvis Chan then offered temporary Top Security clearance to certain Twitter employees so that the FBI might share information regarding threats to future elections.
  • James Baker, one of the most powerful men in the U.S. intel community, was working at Twitter as all of this was unfolding. He has since been fired by Twitter for editing notes from the first Twitter Files drop. The FBI would later attempt to schedule a classified meeting with Baker but no other Twitter employees.
  • By September 2020, Twitter and the FBI had created an encrypted network for their communications.

DEEP STATE-O-RAMA! By 2020, there were so many former FBI employees working at Twitter that they started their own Slack channel.

  • Though Twitter fat-cat Yoel Roth initially thought the Post story about Hunter’s laptop did not violate any of Twitter’s terms of service (TOS), he relented — under pressure from Baker — and agreed to squelch the story and temporarily ban the Post from Twitter.
  • Baker has been investigated twice for leaking information to news outlets.
  • The FBI “reimbursed” Twitter well over $3 million in 2019 alone for the work Twitter did for the FBI regarding “legal process.”

The Twitter Files, Part VII ends by stating that the FBI is still pressuring Big Tech to hand over information to them upon request.

Despite the smoking guns Elon Musk is dropping, lefty Pravda-like news outlets haven’t said much about Hunter’s laptop.

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What Have We Learned?

We learned that the FBI has held a grudge against Trump for years. They actively tried to take him out of power during his presidency, then blatantly helped Joe Biden in the 2020 election by hiding the Biden crime family’s chicanery.

We learned that the FBI pressured Twitter and Facebook to squelch the laptop story and even shut down the accounts of people — almost always conservatives —  who dared speak out and share the truth about Hunter Biden’s laptop.

We learned there are a ton of former FBI agents currently working for Twitter, and that the FBI forked over roughly $3.5 million to Twitter as a “reimbursement” for legal work.


Here’s the important part: The FBI, Big Tech, the deep state (51 former intel specialists), and the Biden family have been working hand-in-hand with one another to cover the Bidens’ tracks, some of which lead directly to companies linked to the Chinese Communist party.



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