Commie Invasion! Two More Secret Chinese Police Stations Discovered, This Time in L.A.

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

Time to invest in a Rosetta Stone Cantonese language plan.

The non-profit group Safeguard Defenders just located 43 more secret commie Chinese police stations across the world, and two are in Los Angeles. We already knew about the one located in New York City.


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There are now more than 100 secret Chinese commie police stations operating in 53 countries. There are five in Canada, which means there are now eight in North America that we know of.

The Chinese claim the police stations are for Chinese nationals to renew their driver’s licenses and stop “online fraud.” Yet, as per the Spain-based Safeguard Defenders, the police stations have used nefarious means to “convince” roughly 230,000 people to “voluntarily” return to China.

The police stations are also keeping tabs on Chinese nationals who speak out against the commie regime.

Some of the tactics used by the secret police to convince nationals to return to China involve arresting family members back home and refusing education to family children.

What we still don’t know is why our elected leaders allow these enforcement stations to exist.


I can see why Canada’s tyrannical princess, Justin Trudeau, would embrace the communists. He has practically turned Canada into China-West.

But why would Joe Biden and his administration turn a blind eye to what we now know are three secret — and likely illegal — Chinese police stations operating on American soil? Could it have something to do with all the cheddar the Chinese have given to the Biden family?

Joe Biden, Hunter Biden
AP Photo/Charles Dharapak


Perhaps Beijing has given Joe orders to ignore the growing number of Chinese police stations on our continent. Maybe they also told Biden to leave the southern border open so they can continue to hoover up billions of dollars in fentanyl sales.

We won’t know for sure until the FBI actually looks into the Biden crime family to find out why they took so much money from China, the nation most Americans believe to be our greatest enemy.



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