BLM Princess Gets Wrist Slapped for Torching NYPD Car

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A now-disbarred lawyer, Urooj Rahman, was caught on video throwing a Molotov cocktail into an NYPD cruiser in the name of George Floyd. The car she was riding in also contained a Budweiser bottle stuffed with toilet paper and a can of gas, as well as her accomplice and get-away driver, Colinford Mattis, who is also a lawyer.


Rahman asked not to be sent to prison at all.

“I’m so incredibly sorry for my reckless and wrong actions,” Rahman explained to U.S. District Judge Brian Cogan in a courtroom packed with supporters. “I don’t think there’s enough words to express my sorrow and regret. I completely lost my way in the emotion of the night.”

“You’re a remarkable person who did a terrible thing on one night,” Judge Cogan said, referring to Rahman’s choice to practice public interest law and battle social injustices. “It displays an amazing amount of arrogance. It’s just a very arrogant way to think.”

Cogan handed down a 15-month sentence to Rahman, who was also seen on video passing out firebombs to other rioters.

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Rahman and Mattis are liberal domestic terrorist darlings of the commies, and lefties came out of the woodwork to support them in their crimes.


The Trump administration wanted Rahman and her accomplice charged with a domestic terrorism enhancement, which would have brought a 10-year sentence. But thanks to Biden’s love for Antifa terrorists, and a former Obama administration intelligence official, it was not to be.

FACT-O-RAMA! Former Obama crony Salmah Rizvi posted Rahman’s $250,000 bail.  

Despite Rahman and Mattis being seen on video torching an NYPD car, the Biden administration dropped the domestic terrorism enhancement and charged them with conspiracy to commit arson and making and possessing an unregistered destructive device. These charges carried a maximum sentence of five years, but prosecutors asked for 18-24 months based on the “history and personal characteristics of the defendants.” The judge decided 15 months was enough.

SOCIAL INJUSTICE-O-RAMA! Jacob Chansley, the man known as the QAnon Shaman, got 41 months and didn’t even light a cigarette. 

Q Shaman, aka Jacob Chansley
AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta, File

Chansley is the guy dressed like a water buffalo. His lawyer claims Chansley has “mental issues.”

James Trusty, a former criminal prosecutor for the Department of Justice, told The Washington Free Beacon that the privileged Ms. Rahman received “extraordinarily unusual treatment by the DOJ.”

“I have a hard time thinking general deterrence is well served by swapping in a soft plea agreement to justify light treatment for someone who bombed a police car,” Trusty remarked. “This same Department of Justice would likely take quite a different stance if this had been a defendant throwing Molotov cocktails in Washington, D.C., on January 6.”


Rahman’s attorneys asked to have her sentence commuted to time served in September. They argued Rahman was “numb, disassociated, and inebriated” and trying to deal with “unprocessed trauma” due to alleged “abusive partnership relationships” as well as some good ole fashioned hatred. Rahman’s lawyers claimed she was a victim of “taunting” for being a Muslim after the 9/11 attacks, which were 21 years ago.

“SYSTEMIC RACISM”-O-RAMA! Poor, bomb-tossing lamb Urooj Rahman attended Fordham Law School, which costs just over $92,000 per year. The Fordham Law community wrote an open letter in defense of the darling terrorists. Mattis, who is black, attended Princeton. Life seems pretty good for these downtrodden social justice warriors.

Rahman’s lawyers claimed that her commitment to “social justice” should allow her a more lenient sentence. It actually worked.

Mattis will be sentenced next month.


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