Biden and Trudeau Beclown Themselves by Parading Around Asia in Commie Mao Jackets

(AP Photo)

What better way to show the world you suckle at the teat of the globalists’ New World Order than to dress like the most “successful” mass-murdering communist in history?


Joe Biden and Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, North America’s one-two punch of Marxism, were filmed happily flouncing around the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) summit in matching Mao starter kit jackets.

FAMINE-O-RAMA! Some leftists believe dressing like a geisha on Halloween is “super not cool.” Yet Biden and Trudeau were happy to bend their weak knees and dress like Chairman Mao, the commie dictator responsible for more deaths than Hitler and Stalin. Democrats have said nothing.

Most of the people on Mao’s victim list died of starvation. Now is a good time to remind you that the Dutch want to close 30% of their livestock farms in the name of “climate change” and they want this done by 2030.

Holy cow farts, Batman: 2030 is the same year the commie swine (heh-heh) at the World Economic Forum (WEF) predict plan to cut most meat out of our lives.


The embarrassing, planned sartorial bum-licking comes just before North America’s Uriah Heeps are expected to meet with China’s leader Xi Jinping. Some Canadians expect Trudeau to confront Jinping on civil rights involving the Uyghurs and China’s possible involvement in Canada’s 2019 election.

FACT-O-RAMA!  A man suffering from cognitive disabilities was recently fired for dressing as Hitler in a mocking way. But when a president suffering from his own issues dresses as Mao, leftists say nothing.

Biden will meet Jinping for the first time on Monday to discuss, among other things, the tension between China and Taiwan. What better way for Trudeau and Biden to stand up to the pinkos than by dressing like their exalted, draconian leader? It reminds me of Jen Psaki wearing a Soviet hat in Russia.



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