Drug Dealers Caught with Enough Fentanyl to Kill Millions Spend Two Days in Jail: Thank You, Democrats!

(Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner’s Office via AP)

If you’re going to get arrested, do it in California.

Two drug dealers were arrested by California Highway Patrol (CHP) with 150,000 fentanyl pills, enough to kill roughly two million Americans. Where are they today? No one knows. They were set free two days later by a California judge.


FACT-O-RAMA! Roughly 100,000 Americans have died from fentanyl in just one year. Almost 58,220 Americans died in 13 years of Vietnam War combat.

Benito Madrigal, 19, and Jose Zendejas, 25, were pulled over during a routine traffic stop that resulted in the cops finding 150 packages containing 1,000 fentanyl pills each. Each pill sells for $5, which works out to $750,000 worth of the deadly drugs. They were booked into the Tulare County jail. That’s where things went wonky.

How can drug dealers with enough fentanyl to kill a couple million Americans walk out of jail? A memo from the Tulare County Sherrif’s office explains the nonsense.

All inmates booked into Tulare County jails are sent through what is known as the Risk Assessment Process through the Tulare County Probation Department. That “Risk Assessment’”is then sent to a judge with the court, who then determines whether or not the individual arrested is held on bail or if they are to be released.

Two days earlier, another “narcotics sales associate” was nailed with enough fentanyl to kill 12 million Americans. Alfonso Gomez-Santana was pulled over by CHP on Wednesday, leading to the massive drug bust.

For those not keeping score, that’s enough fentanyl to kill 14 million Americans confiscated by California cops in roughly 48 hours. Fentanyl is popular with American teens, especially black kids. Black teen usage has skyrocketed five-fold in the last few years.

FACT-O-RAMA! More Americans died from fentanyl in 2020 than COVID.


The problem is two-fold: the Biden Administration allows literally anyone to cross our southern border, including drug dealers who are flooding our cities and suburbs with the deadly drugs. At the same time, soft-on-crime Democrats are doing everything they can to keep criminals out of jail because of “equity” or something ridiculous. Meanwhile, thousands of Americans, many of whom are teens, are dying.

Most of the fentanyl streaming into the states comes from China. It is frequently sent to Mexico, where it is diluted, put into pill form, and smuggled over the border.

Some people believe the fentanyl barrage from China is an attack on our nation.

“The Chinese Communist Party is involved in just about everything economically, business-wise, coming out of China,” Sen. Marsha Blackburn, (R-Tenn) stated. “And you have Chinese scientists that have partnered up with the cartels.”

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Under pressure from former President Trump, China supposedly stopped producing fentanyl in 2019, though it is believed they just set up shop in Mexico.


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