Illegal Immigrants From Mexican Drug Cartel Nabbed With 20K Fentanyl Pills Near Detroit

(AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews)

Police in Sterling Heights, Mich., arrested two illegal immigrants from Mexico who claimed they were running fentanyl for a Mexican drug cartel.

The police attempted to pull a BMW over with illegally tinted windows near 14 Mile Road when the driver sped off. The brief chase ended when the car went down a dead-end road. For you Eminem fans, that’s six miles almost directly north of 8 Mile Road.


The male driver and female passenger are both illegal immigrants from Mexico. The BMW was inspected by police, who found secret compartments containing 20,000 fentanyl pills disguised as Oxycontin, as well as 500 grams of powdered fentanyl.

“Both suspects admitted they were in the United States illegally and that they were transporting narcotics for a drug cartel,” Sterling Heights Police Lt. Mario Bastianelli stated. “The drugs they were intending to distribute in our city and county were going to affect many lives in an area that is already being devastated by the opioid epidemic.”

FACT-O-RAMA! Fentanyl can be 50 to 100 times more potent than morphine and causes most of America’s 100,000-plus deadly overdoses every year. In comparison, just over 58,000 Americans died in Vietnam.

The drugs had a street value of roughly $350,000 and could have killed, literally, all of the remaining Detroit Lions fans.

“The smallest amount of fentanyl can kill so many people,” Bastianelli continued. “The amount that was confiscated in this incident could have led to the overdose and deaths of thousands of people in Michigan.”

You would think 100,000 dead Americans per year, including many young people who are tired of lockdown mandates, would be reason enough to close the Southern border, where most of the fentanyl comes into the U.S., but the Biden administration has done everything they can to leave the border open. Why is that?


First, I want to point out that, according to the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), most fentanyl comes from China.

From the DEA’s website:

Currently, China remains the primary source of fentanyl and fentanyl-related substances trafficked through international mail and express consignment operations environment, as well as the main source for all fentanyl-related substances trafficked into the United States. Seizures of fentanyl sourced from China average less than one kilogram in weight, and often test above 90 percent concentration of pure fentanyl.

TINFOIL HAT-O-RAMA! China is, coincidentally, one of the nations the Biden crime family has allegedly been involved with regarding millions of dollars in payoffs to Hunter Biden and “10% for the big guy.” Just sayin’.

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There are plenty of reasons to close the Southern border, but the Biden administration doesn’t care about the 100,000 dead Americans who overdose every year on drugs, many of which come over the border with Mexico. They don’t care that authorities arrested 23 people on the terrorist database in 2021 alone (no idea how many more slipped through). Never mind those child rapists who sneak over. Biden is intent on destroying the nation, and if that means rapists, terrorists, and deadly drugs are getting in, so be it. The commie surge is on.


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