East Bound and Down: American Convoy Faces Potential Issues

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I’d hoped that truck drivers from the U.S. would be the first to take to the roads and convoy in defiance of the mandates but now I understand more of what’s happening. A trucker friend of mine told me that American truckers are uniting and looking at rolling from California to Washington, D.C. soon, with more maybe coming from different directions. But there are a few potential snags.


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For starters, many truckers have already gotten the “vaccine” to keep working. They may not be interested in protesting at this point.

However, a lot of them had side effects and aren’t interested in the Biden boosters, either. Drivers had to take time off the road after getting the shot. That means retail prices went up (yet another reason to question the “vaccines”). Any driver not looking to get boosted may jump in.

As my trucker friend explained, if American truckers decide to convoy, they obviously won’t be making money. What’s worse, there are scabs willing to take their places.

“We have too much ‘competition’ from across the southern border that will run loads if we lock it all up,” my buddy explained. Canadian truckers apparently don’t have to worry about Americans going north to steal their routes.


Another potential issue is that truckers who are threatening to convoy might find themselves getting a raise to stay on the road.

“We’re working on getting organized,” my friend told me. “But we still have too many people who will keep going if the prices are right. Hell, I support the guys but if it hits 10 bucks a mile, my ass is rolling.” It’s hard to blame truckers for not taking that kind of cheddar.

My friend also said we may see a convoy made up of spare trucks, which might not even make it all the way from California to D.C.

Then there are the liberal states. Some truckers are questioning whether or not blue states will throw monkey wrenches into the plan and block the roads. Not to mention, what might Biden’s Department of Transportation (DOT) do if the truckers band together and convoy? We’re watching Canada’s leftist pinkos fighting the working class in Ottawa; we can probably expect something similar here. I can’t see our commie-Americans not attempting to screw things up.


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That said, it appears American truckers are preparing to roll. I’ve also heard rumors the Canadian truckers might attempt to cross the border and head to D.C. as well.

You can join the American truckers Telegram here and their Facebook page here. It appears their Telegram page may have been deleted at one point but is back up.


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