Howard Stern: Unvaccinated Can 'Go Home and Die'

Evan Agostini

Howard Stern isn’t stupid. Like every good comedy commentator, he knows where his words will land and how people will react. It’s one of the secrets to his success.


The SiriusXM morning radio host stated on Wednesday that he believes the unvaccinated shouldn’t be allowed into hospitals. He knew how his words would land. As I said, he isn’t stupid. He’s a “shock jock.” Mission accomplished.

Stern is, however, wildly misinformed, and has been for a while. That’s on him.

“When are we gonna stop putting up with the idiots in this country and just say it’s mandatory to get vaccinated?” Stern asked on air in September of 2021. “F— ’em. F— their freedom. I want my freedom to live. I want to get out of the house already. I want to go next door and play chess. I want to go take some pictures. This is bull—-.”

Stern believes the unvaccinated are somehow keeping him at home. They are not. Stern is vaccinated.

“If you have a heart attack or any kind of problem, you can’t even get into the E.R. And I’m really of mind to say, ‘Look, if you didn’t get vaccinated and you got Covid, you don’t get into a hospital. You had the cure and you wouldn’t take it,” he added.

Now we’re getting somewhere. Stern foolishly thinks the vaccine is “the cure.” It’s not. Not even close. Technically, it’s not even a vaccine. A true vaccine would keep us from getting the Chinese Sneeze. The “vaccine” will, at best, keep you from being hospitalized and perhaps keep you from dying of COVID. Whether others are vaccinated or not has no bearing whatsoever on Stern’s odds of dying from COVID should he go outside to take pictures of butterflies.


FACT-O-RAMA! The CDC ‘s Rochelle Wallensky stated that vaccinated people can catch and transmit COVID. The vaccine will not stop that from happening.

The truly odd take here is that Stern, who made his hundreds of millions of dollars by not following the rules of radio, wants the entire nation to bend its knee and raise its sleeve, as he obediently did. Even though we know the “vaccine” can not keep you from getting COVID, Stern believes he can’t go play chess with his neighbor because he “might die” due to the unvaxxed.

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There is no science to back up Stern’s fears but he brought it up again Wednesday of this week.

“They think that there’s some conspiracy to turn them into a magnet or something like this,” Stern stated on Wednesday. “They think they are going to become magnetized if they take the vaccine,” Stern said, referring to internet rumors that the vaccine might “magnetize” people.

Stern went on to say it’s time for all eligible Americans to get the vaccine.


“Now if you don’t get it, in my America, all hospitals would be closed to you,” Stern continued. “You’re going to go home and die.”

That sounds every bit as “conspiracy theory” as the “magnetize” people he makes fun of.

Also, Stern’s “America” sounds a lot like Hitler’s Germany. Do as I say or die.

Stern doesn’t seem to know that “his America” has a current COVID survivability rate of 98.7%. Nor does he realize that going to the hospital for a knee replacement surgery and testing positive for COVID will be counted as a COVID hospitalization, and it’s not.

It’s also possible Stern’s comments are just entertainment. He’s a “shock jock,” and shock is what he does.


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