Santa's List of Naughty Commie Scumbags Who Dare to Call Themselves Americans

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Santa rides tomorrow and I’m guessing his list is set. He knows who is a true American and he knows who the pinkos are. Let’s take a look at some of the worst “Marxist Americans” currently polluting our country.


NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio

In his final month in office, Comrade de Blasio decided he would mandate vaccines for all private-sector employees. Like a good apparatchik, he keeps destroying until he is replaced, which is in about a week.

I’m not even sure if this is a fascist move or more of a Nazi ploy, but it DOES seem unconstitutional. As if turning the Big Apple into a war zone wasn’t enough, he spends his last days forcing mandates on a city he will no longer preside over. Commies always seem to fail upward, and this man is political herpes. Rumor has it he will run for New York governor.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot

Just a hunch, but I don’t think Lori Lightfoot is going to win a beauty pageant. She might take the “Commie of the Year” trophy, however.


If you live in Chicago you have one day to get in your last-minute Christmas shoplifting, and Lightfoot and her state’s attorney, Kim Foxx, are making it easy. If you generously steal less than $1,000 worth of swag, you’ll be fine. Even if you’re a violent felon, chances are good you’ll skate out of jail to commit more crimes. Almost 60 criminals released on bond were re-arrested after committing a violent crime in 2021, including one thug who was arrested for shooting a 17-year-old over a pot deal. Imagine how many others didn’t get caught.

Joy Reid

You can’t have a true Marxist regime without a Pinocchio press to spread the lies and squash the truth, and nobody plays the part of Democrat lapdog as well as Reid.

Reid is an embarrassment. Nothing is her fault, and anyone who dares oppose her is a racist. She plays the victim and/or race card whenever needed, even though she is a black woman who went to Harvard and makes millions of dollars. (Wouldn’t a truly racist country stop that from happening?)


Reid oozes hatred, as most commies do. Only a pinko can attack gay people and Jews and keep her job. Again, commies fail upward.

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Besides a news outlet happy to lie to the masses, communists also need a KGB-like group of legal enforcers. The FBI can’t arrest enough Trump-loving meemaws for taking selfies in the Capitol but seems to have snagged FAR fewer real fascists for burning our cities to the ground. When there are arrests, many suspects have their cases tossed. Those convicted (finally) are receiving far more lenient sentences than the J6 prisoners.

Have you seen the comparisons of Jan. 6 to the George Floyd riots and Trump’s inauguration? The carnage caused by BLM and Antifa (the two brown-shirt-like street troops of the commie leftists) is astronomical compared to anything caused by Trumpers on Jan. 6, but the FBI doesn’t care. MAGA peeps must be punished.

FACT-O-RAMA! The FBI admitted there was NO insurrection on January 6 but have heightened their attempts to arrest January protestors. They are currently blitzing Facebook, asking for help identifying people in Washington D.C. on Jan. 6.

Michigan Gov. Whitmer

“Stretchin’ Gretchen” Whitmer handled Michigan’s COVID fight like a true dictator. She had some of the most draconian rules, some completely arbitrary. Check out this mind-boggling executive order Whitmer issued. I especially like the part where she forbade Michiganders from buying paint and garden supplies. Apparently COVID feeds on do-it-yourselfers. This order would make Stalin weep with pride.

Michigan Protests
AP Photo/Paul Sancya

This is just the tip of the Bolshevik iceberg. Let’s call it Part One; Schiff still needs his comeuppance. Please feel free to list more pinkos in the comments section.

Until then, have a MERRY CHRISTMAS. It will make them angry! They can’t stop us from enjoying Christmas, though I have a feeling they will try.


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