Santa Gets a Pistol Permit. Liberals Go Nuts.

(Twitter screenshot, El Paso County Sheriff's Office)

Santa is packing, and I don’t mean his sleigh.

The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office in Colorado tweeted a picture of Santa getting his concealed carry permit (CCP).


Needless to say, the snowflakes wet themselves. These are most likely the same clowns who believe in “defunding the police and “restorative justice.”

Literally, no one is advocating for concealed guns in schools, but facts and lefties go together like champagne and Purina Fancy Feast.

Weapon of war? A handgun? Holy hyperbole, Batman! Santa needs to bring this cat lady a male suitor, stat! P.S. Her Twitter profile is full of liberal drivel. Not so shockingly, she has a whopping 67 followers.


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The El Paso Sheriff’s Office issued another tweet, the one telling the cranky people that the tweet was meant to highlight those working diligently in the concealed pistol permit office. Of course, people cried about that too.

Some people attacked guns, gun owners, and the U.S. just for having guns. Others just wanted the post taken down.

I’m always down for a good Twitter fight and responded to one jackpudding’s tweet with this:

FACT-O-RAMA! A concealed carry permit in Colorado is reciprocated (accepted) by 35 other states, some with restrictions.


Some Twitter peeps mentioned the timing of this tweet in regard to the school shooting in Oxford, Michigan, where two parents ignored their son’s school’s request to have their allegedly troubled kid taken out of the school after a disturbing drawing and a troubling note were found.

The parents and their son met with school administrators hours before the attack, which left four dead and more wounded. The school asked the parents to take their son out of the school and they “flatly refused.” Hours later the son began shooting.

It appears the El Paso County Sherrif’s Office has since turned off the ability to leave comments on the two tweets.




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