Never Mind Waldo, Where's Hoffa? Back in New Jersey, Tipster Claims

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Detroit, Savannah Georgia, the Meadowlands, Jersey City, northern New Jersey—Jimmy Hoffa’s body gets around.

No one knows where union leader Jimmy Hoffa’s body is, but the latest tale claims he is buried in Jersey City, N.J., under a roadway called the Pulaski Skyway, which might look familiar to fans of “The Sopranos.”


The FBI confirmed they conducted a site survey of the area, though they wouldn’t disclose the focus of the search.

“On October 25th & 26th, FBI personnel from the Newark and Detroit field offices completed the survey and that data is currently being analyzed,” FBI Special Agent Mara Schneider wrote in a statement. “Because the affidavit in support of the search warrant was sealed by the court, we are unable to provide any additional information.”

The FBI searched the former PJP Landfill previously but not in the region where the 55-gallon steel drum containing Hoffa’s body is supposedly buried.

The alleged burial site is in “Skyway Park,” which is part of a former mob-owned landfill.

The search was conducted after a tip was received from Frank Cappola, the son of Paul Cappola Sr., the man who claims to have buried an oil drum containing Hoffa’s remains.

FACT-O-RAMA! Paul Cappola Sr. and Tony Moscato were co-owners of the PJP landfill and were suspected of being associates of the Genovese crime family.

Just before he died in 2008, Cappola Sr. allegedly told his son Frank that mobster Phil Moscato pointed to where he wanted the body buried. Cappola, worried that FBI surveillance may have seen where Moscato pointed, chose to bury the body in another spot later that night and told his son where Hoffa could be found.

Frank Cappola gave the tip to author Dan Moldea, who has written numerous books about Hoffa. Moldea gave the information to the FBI.


Hoffa, who was the president of the Teamsters Union at the time of his death, was last seen in the parking lot of Machus Red Fox Restaurant in Bloomfield Hills, Mich., on July 30, 1975.

This is just the latest round of “where’s Hoffa?” Authorities dug up a residential driveway in Roseville, Mich., in 2012 looking for him. Some believe Hoffa’s body ended up in an auto-crusher, was melted down, and is now part of a steel girder somewhere.

The 2019 movie “The Irishman” suggests Hoffa’s body was cremated in a Michigan funeral home owned by Detroit-area gangsters.

A supposed hitman stated that Hoffa is buried in the end zone in Meadowlands stadium.

Others believe he was buried under a mob-owned golf course in Savannah, Ga., where mobsters would laughingly relieve themselves.



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