Tempers Flare Outside Kenosha Courthouse as Fascist Crowd Taunts Jurors

Sean Krajacic/The Kenosha News via AP, Pool

As the Kyle Rittenhouse jury deliberates his fate, a small crowd is forming outside the courthouse.

Roughly two dozen people have been milling around the courthouse, half of whom appear to be supporting Rittenhouse and half of whom clearly are not.


Some arguments have taken place between the two groups throughout the day.


Protestors with megaphones are said to be taunting the jurors as they decide Rittenhouse’s fate.

Jurors heard the final arguments Monday and began deliberations Tuesday. The final, 12-person jury is reported to consist of five men and seven women.

The jury asked for additional copies of the judge’s instructions, specifically pages 1-6, which lay out the self-defense privilege. They have since asked for additional copies of pages 7-36.


Rittenhouse is facing five felony charges, the worst of which would land him a mandatory life sentence.

One man outside the courthouse, with a dog and a megaphone, was chanting what sounded like “Black lives matter for pedophiles.” A black man threw a karate kick at him and attempted to chase him away.

The same guy with the megaphone was taped yelling “Black lives matter is a terrorist organization” earlier in the day. #Brave #Bravo

One intrepid guy, surrounded by what appears to be members of BLM, loudly asked the protestors “How many cars are you gonna f*** up tonight” as counter-protestors threaten him and try to drown him out with drums.


Another person, who appears to be a BLM agitator in a previous video, was yelling, “If Kenosha don’t get it, shut it down.”

Many of us were hoping for a quick “Not guilty on all counts,” but it’s looking like there may not be a verdict today.




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