What Have We Learned? The 'White Supremacy' Bit Is Hack

Lt. Gov-Elect Winsome Sears

Once in a while you’ll stumble across a dinosaur comedian who still thinks it’s funny to make that ancient joke that starts with “The ’80s called, they want their (hair, shirt etc.) back! Har-Har-Hee-Har-Ha”!


In stand-up comedy, we refer to old, overused premises like this as “hack,” short for “hackneyed.” Meaning it’s been beaten into the ground and has become old, stale, and ineffective.

“White supremacy” is the new “The 80s called…” setup. And like a bad comedian, the Democrats don’t realize how sour their favorite line has become.

Virginia Democrats unashamedly went so far as to send five fake “white supremacists” to a Youngkin rally several days ago. We know they were supposed to be white supremacists because they stopped by Dollar General on the way and snagged some tiki torches (even though it was raining). They all wore matching clothes. The only problem is that one of them was black.

Phil Murphy was getting pummeled in a debate with Jack Ciattarelli and pulled out the “Confederate flag” bit and doubled down with a “white supremacy” topper at the 54:10 mark. As you will see, the crowd isn’t buying Murphy’s hack material, and they let him know.



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The kicker is this: Those Virginia white supremacists took enough time away from their busy flag-burning schedule to elect a black woman as lt. governor and a Latino man as attorney general — both Republicans. For a bunch of seething bigots, Virginia voters seem to be color blind.

Bonus Punchline: Winsome Sears, Virginia’s new lt. governor, is a conservative dream and a liberal’s poltergeist. She is a conservative, a veteran, and a pro-gun black woman who dared to mention God in her victory speech.

The writing is on the wall: The “white supremacy” bit has run its course. Trying to rile up a crowd with “white supremacy” is akin to watching a desperate, floundering comedian trying to win a bored audience by doing impressions of Nixon.

Somebody should tell Joy Reid. Oh wait, someone did:


But like a bad, outdated comedian, the left will stick with the old lines because, at the end of the night, it’s all they have. Someone get out the cane and pull them off.


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