If These Latest Revelations Aren't Enough to Arrest Hunter Biden, Then Nothing Is

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The only way the FBI would arrest Hunter Biden is if he took selfies in the Capitol on January 6.

Business Insider recently reported that it acquired two emails (not from the infamous Hunter laptop email chain) from an associate of Hunter Biden, showing that Hunter wanted $2 million a year to free up $15 billion worth of Libyan assets that had been frozen by Obama. The first email is from January 2015, when Joe Biden was vice president.


Per phone conversation I met with #2 son. He wants $2 per year retainer +++ success fees. He wants to hire his own people – it can be close circle of people for confidentiality. His dad is deciding to run or not.

His positives are he is Chairman of UN World Food Program, son of #2 who has Libya file, access to State, Treasury, business partner SofS [Secretary of State] J. [John] Forbes K [Kerry] son and since he travels with dad he is connected everywhere in Europe and Asia where M. Q. [Muammar Qaddafi] and LIA [Libya Investment Authority] had money frozen. He said he has access to highest level in PRC [China], he can help there.

His negatives are that he is alcoholic, drug addict – kicked [out] of U.S. Army for cocaine, chasing low class hookers, constantly needs money-liquidity problems and many more headaches.

Let’s read Hunter’s negatives again, because it’s hilarious.

His negatives are that he is alcoholic, drug addict – kicked [out] of U.S. Army for cocaine, chasing low class hookers, constantly needs money-liquidity problems and many more headaches.

First, Hunter got booted from the Navy, not the Army. That aside, this means people across the world knew Hunter was a dirt bag before we, the American people, got the info.

The second email, from February 2016, shows that the discussion with Hunter and his people had continued. However, a deal was never solidified.

The hunt for Hunter gets better. Politico Playbook has confirmed that emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop, which include the statement “10 held by H for the big guy,” are real and not the work of “Russian disinformation.”


A quote from Ben Schreckinger’s book The Bidens:

“A person who had independent access to Hunter Biden’s emails confirmed he did receive a 2015 email from a Ukrainian businessman thanking him for the chance to meet Joe Biden. The same goes for a 2017 email in which a proposed equity breakdown of a venture with Chinese energy executives includes the line, ‘10 held by H for the big guy? Emails released by a Swedish government agency also match emails in the leaked cache, and two people who corresponded with Hunter Biden confirmed emails from the cache were genuine.”

FACT-O-RAMA! Twitter kicked the NY Post off its platform for releasing the “10 for the big guy” story, suggesting it was “fake news.” Did Twitter violate election laws? The Federal Election Commission (FEC) doesn’t think so.

Now that Hunter is no longer receiving crazy cheddar at his no-show “job” with Ukrainian company Burisma, he has been seemingly unemployed. What better time to take up a new hobby like painting.


Hunter Biden has had no artistic training, but his paintings have immediately become some of the most expensive in the art world. This is reminiscent of the payola scandal, where DJs, no longer allowed to accept money from record companies to play their songs, had their wives sell “paintings” to the record execs.

This is perhaps the most annoying move Hunter has made, as he isn’t even trying to hide the fact that he is a crook. It’s out there for everyone to see, and he doesn’t care.


We’ve learned the following:

  • The Hunter laptop emails re: Hunter selling influence to Joe Biden are real, not Russian disinformation (we kinda already knew that)
  • Hunter Biden is a drug addict who chases low-class hookers (we knew that too)
  • Former Hunter business partner Tony Bobulinski confirmed Hunter and Joe were involved in shady dealings involving China (oops, we knew that as well)
  • We are expected to believe that Hunter Biden, the crack-smoking, hooker-chasing reprobate, is now an “artist” selling paintings on the up and up and no longer peddling influence (we aren’t buying it)

Seriously, what will it take for the Department of Justice to arrest Hunter Biden? Perhaps if there was a tax situation? Oh wait, there was one.


If only they had pictures of Hunter with underage girls. Oh yeah, the FBI doesn’t care about pedophiles.

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Even if they did have pictures of Hunter with an underage Chinese girl or two, the commies would just say it’s fake news from the right, like they did with all the other Hunter Biden scandals until they were proven to be true.



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