Fast Facts About That Flu From China

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The next time you’re at Trader Joe’s and a “mask Nazi” screams into your liberated, diaper-free face, tell them this: Public Health England (England’s version of the CDC) released a report showing that 1,091 fully vaccinated Brits died from the Delta variant between February 1- and August 29 of this year. Thirty-seven were under 50 years old and 1,054  people were over 50, all of them double-jabbed. Compare that to only 536 unvaccinated people, of all ages, who have died from the Delta variant in the same time frame.


The left-leaning UK Yahoo News, trying to blow a smoke cover, wrote this about the new report:

However, the higher number of fully vaccinated people dying does not mean that the vaccine is not working, but instead reflects the large majority of people in England who have now been jabbed.

Say WHAT? That’s like saying, “I didn’t hide a camera in the bathroom because I’m a perv; I did it as a security measure to keep you safe.”

FACT-O-RAMA! The CDC estimates that almost 31,000 people die every year from the flu, but in 2020 they reported only 8,786 flu deaths, roughly a 71% drop. Weird, right?

Pay Attention to Sweden

Sweden has been kicking COVID’s crotch for a long time now, yet most of the world won’t pay attention. Israel, one of the most vaccinated countries in the world, is getting spanked by COVID, yet no one changes course. This sort of dedication to a poor battle plan would make General Burnside proud.

Sweet Little Lies

While Fauci and the Biden administration insist that the Delta variant can kill cyborg cockroaches, anyone that isn’t “denying science” knows that Delta, though more contagious, is less deadly. Then why lie and scare people?


Two reasons I can think of;

  1. Control, baby!
  2. To separate us into two camps: the “sophisticated” vaccinated people and the feral, filthy, drooling, uneducated, unvaxxed animals who want to kill elderly folks. The unvaxxed will be scapegoats, blamed for every COVID death that occurs each year because, in case you haven’t figured it out yet, COVID, like the flu, is never going away completely.
Hero Takes a Fall

No, I’m not talking about Cuomo.

Remember when doctors and nurses were frontline heroes, bravely risking their lives last year, back when COVID had that new virus smell? Now, many of those same luminaries are getting fired for not taking the vaccine, at a time when Delta is supposedly giving us the Enola Gay treatment. How can that be? If the nation is under attack by the China virus, we need every doctor and nurse we can get, right?

The pulchritudinous oracle, Jesse Kelly, puts it best:

 FACT-O-RAMA PT. II! The Jesse Kelly burger really is the best burger you’ll ever eat.

Remember when the CDC was working on a vaccine for Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR) and hid data suggesting that the jab put black males at an increased risk for autism? Good times!


“The omitted data suggested that African American males who received the MMR vaccine before age 36 months were at increased risk for autism.” — CDC senior scientist Dr. William Thompson

Unvaxxed, Unwanted

Press Secretary Jen Psaki assures us that there are new rules coming for the great unvaxxed. Biden is expected to spill them today. Expect the six “steps” to infuriate people who have chosen not to get the shot (a few conservatives and a TON of POC).



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