No Joke: Woke NYC Pol Wannabe Wants Victims of Violent Crime to Help Their Attackers

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What better way to curtail the tsunami of crime in New York City than to make victims of violent crime “help” those who assaulted them?

The woke brigade just took things to another level of cray-cray. NYC Democratic socialist city council wannabe candidate Tiffany Caban believes prison isn’t the place for violent criminals. She wants to replace prisons with programs where victims of violent crime help their attackers, and domestic violence victims are paid not to prosecute their violent partners. 


Caban has what she refers to as a “new vision of public safety for New York City,” which is in her 48-page plan, where she calls for “restorative justice.” Meaning no one goes to jail, and the victims deal with whoever assaulted them to work things out.

An excerpt from her insane manifesto reads, “Communities will be empowered to develop individualized strategies to help heal wounds of violence rather than being forced to rely on policing and prisons as the only recourse.”

In Caban’s commie, asinine plan, prisons are to be replaced by “Violence Mediation Centers” and “Community-based Alternatives to Incarceration.”

She further purports that police are used as a “blunt instrument” to “perpetrate violence against the people involved” in crime. “People involved in crime” is apparently the new woke term for “criminal.” Just like “incarcerated” is the PC way to say “My dad is in jail.”

Caban gives examples of how to handle violent criminals, without interference by those pesky blunt instruments–oops, I mean police officers.


“A person is beat up, suffers a broken rib, and is robbed of his wallet. First, his needs are heard and affirmed, and he works with trained staff to develop a services and healing plan. Then, when he is ready, he participates in restorative justice circles with the person who harmed him and their respective support systems. He asks questions and gets answers, and they develop an accountability and consequences plan.”

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Hey Tiff, what about a mother who gets pummeled by her baby daddy?

Caban has an example of what to do in those cases as well.

“A mother who experiences abuse by the father of her children needs support but does not want him incarcerated. She could work with the appropriate support programs and apply for the New York Violence Response Fund and receive financial compensation.”

In other words, the domestic abuse victim is paid to keep her mouth shut and keep the man who beat her out of jail and on the streets.

Not everyone is on board with the budding socialist’s ideas.


Some folks weren’t as polite.


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