Shocker: 'Trans Woman' Who Exposed Himself to Wi Spa Customers Is Actually a Serial Sex Offender

LA County Sheriff's Dept)

Remember that viral video from last June showing an angry black woman, Cubana Angel, confronting the staff at Wi Spa in California (of course), regarding a man exposing himself in the women’s changing room? The spa took the side of the “trans” man and all hell broke loose. Turns out the supposedly trans dude is a tier-1 sex offender with a long history of exposing himself to women and girls. Andy Ngo of The Post Millennial broke the story.


(Language Warning)

Darren Agee Merager is now being charged with indecent exposure for dangling his partially turgid junk in front of Angel, her daughter, and several other women at Wi Spa.

Merager denies Angel’s accusations.

“Everything about the Wi Spa was a bunch of garbage and lies,” he said in an interview. Merager claims he is legally female in California and was in a jacuzzi in the women’s section when he was accosted by Angel. “She never saw me naked. I was underwater with water all the way up to my chest.”

Merager also denies ever being around children at the spa. He says he is actually the victim of sexual harassment by “transphobic women” who were at the Wi Spa.

It turns out Merager has around a dozen convictions under his fake Gucci belt, including convictions for indecent exposure—once in 2002 and again in 2003, both in California. He is also facing six felony counts of indecent exposure after he allegedly exposed himself to women and children in a women’s locker room in 2018. Merager chose not to comment on any of that.

Interestingly, the situation pitted the left—which is obviously buddy-buddy with BLM—against Cubana Angel, a black woman. Liberal rags like Slate portended this video was a transphobic hoax.


Wi Spa was the scene of protests for a woman’s right to be in a locker room without a creepy naked guy looking at her and her daughter.

The protests, frequently violent, continued for weeks. Antifa showed up to flex their twigs and were pummeled by the LAPD.

Angel stuck to her guns.

(Language Warning again regarding Merager’s frank and beans)

The new charges stemming from the Wi Spa incident have to be a kick to the gender-neutral crotch of the lefties. They went to war for Merager, only to find out he is a serial sexual deviant. Is he even “trans”? His arrest history tells us he is a sexual predator and, “trans” or not, shouldn’t be allowed near children.




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