Sweden Gets It on COVID. Why Won't the Rest of the World Pay Attention?

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What country has few Covid deaths per day, no lockdowns, and delicious meatballs?


Sweden is kicking Covid in the crotch. Perhaps Australian authorities should stop beating their own citizens long enough to take a look at what Sweden is, and isn’t, doing. They aren’t locking down. They aren’t pepper-spraying 12-year-old girls who resist mask-mandate tyranny, and, unlike most of the world, they aren’t getting slaughtered by Covid.

Professor Neil Ferguson, whose advise prompted the UK’s lockdown, predicted Sweden’s non-lockdown policy would result in 85,000 deaths. He was wrong. He also resigned from his post at the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies after he broke his own lockdown rules and saw his married girlfriend, twice.

Fact-O-Rama! In Europe, Sweden is ranked #16 in Covid vaccinations per capita and #16 in Covid deaths. This is based on 30 countries, including Malta and Iceland. Sweden’s death toll is high for Nordic countries but roughly in the center for all of Europe.

Anders Tegnell, Sweden’s cool-as-a-cucumber chief epidemiologist, has also been against masks from the beginning.

One would think the world would take notice, and tips, from a country with no lockdowns, a healthy economy, and comparatively few deaths. Instead, global media has attacked Sweden. How dare they not adhere to the same science-free decisions other leaders have made?

The leftist toadies at CNN couldn’t wait to jump on Sweden when Covid deaths did rise a bit. The ghouls at Yahoo Sports went so far as to capitalize on Sweden’s brief upswing in Covid deaths by posting an article titled “Sweden has the highest daily coronavirus death rate in the world – and it’s getting worse.” That’s like saying the the first-place Giants are doomed because of a four-game slump.


Total Covid deaths in Sweden as of this writing are 14,670. To give this some perspective, the UK has 130,003. New York City currently has 28,604 confirmed deaths and another 5,159 probable deaths. The entire state of Michigan has 21,446 deaths. Maybe everyone should pay attention to Sweden.

What about Sweden’s economy? Despite some haters suggesting that Sweden’s economy won’t benefit from remaining open, Nordetrade.com wrote that “softer preventative restrictions against Covid-19 earlier in the year and a strong recovery in the third quarter contained the GDP contraction.”

While people worldwide are rioting against despotic Covid lockdowns and mandates, Swedes are enjoying cocktails after returning home from work, just like they have been since the beginning of the pandemic.


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