Quinnipiac University Threatens Fines, Wi-Fi Ban for Students Who Won't Vaccinate

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Bend The Knee or Pay the Fee

What do college kids need? Money and Wi-Fi. In a plan that intends to hit them where it hurts, students at Connecticut’s Quinnipiac University can either get vaxxed or be fined, up to a total of $2,275, AND get banned from the interwebs.


The private liberal arts college in New Haven County sent an email to its roughly 600 rascally, unvaxxed students, telling them to raise their sleeves or pay the price.

Fact-O-Rama! Quinnipiac University costs an on-campus student $69,760 per year.

The non-compliant hellions who refuse to submit by Sept. 14 will face weekly $100 fines with a $25 increase every two weeks, leading to a maximum of $200 per week, for a grand total of $2,275 per semester. They also won’t be able to use the school’s Wi-Fi.

Hey Teacher, Leave Those Kids Alone

“We wish we did not have to take these measures, but protecting the health of our QU community by ensuring compliance with our vaccination requirement is the only way we can ease most of our COVID-related restrictions and safely return to our in-person learning and living activities” Quinnipiac Chief Experience Officer Tom Ellett stated in the email sent to the recalcitrant students. “Thank you for your attention to these important health protocols.”

Perhaps someone should email “Chief Experience Officer” Ellet and tell him (assuming gender) that since COVID made it’s way to the states, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) stats tell us that roughly 614,531 people have died from it. In the 18-29 years age group, 2,630 have died (keep in mind most college kids graduate before they turn 25). That means Americans 18-29 years old represent .427% of total American COVID deaths.


Quinnipiac isn’t the first indoctrination camp school in the United States to use money to punish students who are aware their odds of dying from COVID are miniscule.

Rhodes College, yet another private liberal arts college, this one in Memphis, Tennessee, announced last June that students must be vaccinated or pay a mandatory testing fee of $1,500.

“Upon returning to campus, non-vaccinated students will be charged a $1,500 per semester Health & Safety fee to cover the costs of mandatory testing,” a letter to the Rhodes students read.

West Virginia Wesleyan College, a private liberal (there’s that word again) arts college in West Virginia, announced that it will fine unvaccinated students $750. In addition, those students are also required to wear masks while indoors, undergo weekly testing, and maintain social distancing. Students who are diagnosed with COVID-19 and are unable to leave campus will pay another $250 fine on top of that.




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