VIDEO: Homeless Zombie Mob Attacks Young Family, Pays the Price

(AP Photo/Jae C. Hong)

Seattle Of Course

A young couple with a two week old baby in the car was attacked by a mob of armed, homeless people that had previously burglarized the family’s vehicle.


The couple showed up at the encampment to look for items stolen from their car several days earlier. They found their belongings, shoes and a blue-tooth speaker, and were trying to leave but were prevented by angry members of the great unwashed. That’s when things got crazy.

The donnybrook began when a vagrant woman ran across the stench camp and punched the mother. Her husband tried to intervene and got wacked with a five foot long conk buster, by a man identified as a 12 time felon. A nine-time loser with a machete attacked the car as the young family tried to drive off, smashing windows, including the rear window where the baby sat in a car seat. The mob entrapped the couple’s car like a pack of meth-zombies, as the car circled back and forth, trying to get away.

In the video you’re about to watch the driver finally has a chance to escape and protect his family. He runs into, and over, one of the knights of the road that was part of the attacking mob.


A witness, who only wants to be knowns as “Steve” saw the whole thing and said, “Since Denny Park (encampment) closed down, these are the worst of these types of people” Steve squipped. “It’s almost the center of crime here.

“It was a car being attacked” he continued. “Being surrounded by people from this encampment. And they were bashing the car to pieces with bars, sticks, whatever they had. Then the car made a run for it, to break through this crowd.”

Police responded to a hit and run call and found one of the hobo attackers had died due to the injuries he received when the car he was attacking attacked him back, plowing him like a snow bank.

The two previously mentioned felons were arrested. The couple will not face any charges.


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