Shocking Video Shows Desperate Afghans Falling From Plane Leaving Kabul

(Screencap courtesy Al Arabiya.)

Last Chance

By now you’ve probably seen the video footage of people in Afghanistan, desperate to dodge the Taliban, clinging to an airplane as it taxies to take off from Hamid Karzai International Airport.


Some people reportedly tied themselves to the plane’s wheel well, possibly unaware that the plane would coast at altitudes where oxygen is too thin to breathe and temperatures can reach -30 degrees Fahrenheit.

Airport Chaos

Thousands of Afghan civilians stormed Kabul’s international airport, looking for a flight out of Afghanistan. People crowded in, and on, airplanes.

The Wall Street Journal reported that U.S. forces shot and killed two men at the airport, and another three were run over by planes that were taking off.

Some people managed to cling to the plane after liftoff. Some didn’t last much longer than that.

There are reports of stowaways falling from the plane and landing on houses, making a “terrifying noise.” Three men landed in the Khairkahana neighborhood of Kabul. The video below, showing people apparently taking a phone from the body of a dead stowaway, is graphic.

Biden Takes the Heat

Global condemnation has rained down on Adderall Joe Biden for the Saigon-like panic that he said was “highly unlikely” to occur in a statement from July 8, 2021. These pictures below  would disagree.

Mitch McConnell took a respectable swipe at Biden,

“America’s two-decade involvement in Afghanistan has had many authors.… But as the monumental collapse our own experts predicted unfolds in Kabul today, responsibility rests squarely on the shoulders of our current Commander-in-Chief,” McConnell said in a statement.


If anyone should have known better, it’s Biden. He had a pivotal role in wrapping up the war in Iraq and causing the chaos afterward that brought the birth of ISIS. Then again, Biden did get lost on his own lawn.

Even CNN has removed its tongue from the Biden’s boot to condemn the president’s tragic mishandling of the situation in Afghanistan.

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