Daily Dose of Downey: Vaccine Passports Are Here, But Voter ID Is Still Racist

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Now It’s Just Silly

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced late Monday night that 70% of the country, or roughly 180,762,301 of American adults, have received at least one Covid vaccine dose, while 164,919,666 people, or 49.7 percent of the population, are fully vaccinated against the Chinese Flu. Gropey Joe Biden had hoped to reach this milestone by July 4, 2021.


“As we continue our path out of the COVID-19 pandemic, today, President Biden will announce a goal for 70% of the U.S. adult population to have one vaccine shot and 160 million U.S. adults to be fully vaccinated by July 4th so that life can start to look closer to normal,” declared Biden in a May 4, 2021, press release.

Since when does “look closer to normal” mean a boatload of nationwide vaccine and mask mandates? It was all a ruse. It was a ruse since the beginning with the “15 days to flatten the curve.” The ruse gets worse.

NYC, Commie Central

Komrade Bill de Blasio, mayor of New York City, has decided people will need a vaccine passport for gyms, indoor restaurants, and live shows. This comes at a time when New York City’s daily China Flu deaths hover near zero. New York City doesn’t require ID to vote, but you will need a vax passport to enter a diner.

People will be required to show what de Blasio is calling the vaccination passport “Key to NYC Pass” starting on Aug. 16. The city will begin enforcing the authoritarian mandate on Sept. 13.

“If you’re unvaccinated, unfortunately, you will not be able to participate in many things,” Mayor de Blasio declared. Has anyone told him which segment of the population remains mostly unvaccinated?


“We’re now at this point that we’ve dreamed of, and we’re going to go even farther with a smart mix of incentives and mandates.” Mayor de Blasio said.

NYC is now offering $100 to residents that get the shot.

All of this is happening as the Department of Justice is suing the state of Georgia for “racist” voter ID laws. Huh?

So asking for vax papers, when we know black and brown people are reluctant to get the vaccination, is ok, but asking for a driver’s license to vote is the mark of the Klans-beast?

Welcome to America

As the pinko liberal cities and states trip over their COVID virtue signal flare guns, patriotic states are using their heads. Thus far nine states have enacted laws that ban vaccine mandate laws. It’s a lot of the same states that believe in voter ID laws.

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San Francisco instituted an indoor mask mandate today, even for the vaccinated. This despite the fact that San Francisco had one COVID death between July 23 and July 29 of this year. So that means if you are in California you may not enter a shopping mall without a mask. However, if you have a mask on, you can enter and shoplift $949 worth of goods without getting arrested. Oh, and voting with no identification is fine.

What Have We Learned?

Not much. We’ve known all along that voter ID laws aren’t racist. The left pretends they are so they can cheat during elections.


If the commies REALLY cared about “racist” laws, they wouldn’t ask people, a large percentage of whom are black and brown, to produce a vax passport to eat lunch in a restaurant. They can’t have “Vaxxed” and “Non Vaxxed” sections because that would break down racially and would take us back to a time when Democrats instituted Jim Crow laws and mandated black and white sections of restaurants and buses.

We’ve learned that major U.S. cities have rolling COVID death rates at or very near zero, but the commies are scarecrowing people into believing the COVID Reaper is waiting for you at a Bruce Springsteen concert.

But magically not Lollapalooza.

Don’t believe the media–believe the science.



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