Liberals Still Sacrificing the Safety of Law-Abiding Black Americans to Appease Criminals

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Let My People Go

Chicago’s Democrat leaders fought to defund the city’s cops by $80 million, then hit the police in June with new police reform that doesn’t permit police officers to chase certain criminals on foot. How’s that working out? Chicago’s “Summer of Lead Festival” has resulted in 622 people shot in July alone (up 5% from last July). That’s in the neighborhood of  20 Chicagoans ventilated per day, or roughly one every 2 hours.


Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx is letting violent offenders skate.

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“I ran for for re-election because I want to fight every single day to continue the important work of reforming justice and making a fairer, safer system for Cook County,” Foxx stated on her website.

Washington state recently instituted insane new police reforms that wouldn’t allow cops to chase a man who left a psychiatric hospital in a yellow dress before stealing a school bus and then a front-end loader, which he crashed into a house. Oddly, the bus, tractor, house and dress are all yellow.

The new reforms even prevent handcuffing suspects until an officer has probable cause to believe a crime has been committed. That means a suspect can put his hand into his pocket or car without being cuffed.


“When you take the legislation and apply it, that’s when you really learn how effective it’s going to be. The challenge is, I’m going to be very frank, the laws were written very poorly, and the combination of them all at the same time has led to there being conflicts in clarity and in what was intended versus what was written,” stated Kent Police Chief Rafael Padilla.

The entire Portland Police riot squad resigned after one of their officers was charged and a member of Antifa walked. I hope Antifa and BLM rioters sent the city a “thank you” letter.

Portland’s murder rate has skyrocketed since the communtard city council disbanded the Gun Violence Reduction Team. Portland officials cited data showing that 52% of stops conducted in 2019 were of black people, who represent 5.8% of the city’s population. Jami Resch, assistant chief of the Portland Police Bureau’s investigations branch, argued that the unit’s past work was beneficial in minority communities, as shootings have disproportionately impacted the 23% of Portland’s population that is not white. Now that shootings are out of control, Portland’s toady mayor, Ted Wheeler, decided in May 2021 he wants the team back. He has renamed the group the Focused Initiative Team. Due to officials railing against the old unit for alleged racial profiling, job qualifications for the new team include the “ability to identify and dismantle institutional and systemic racism in the bureau’s responses to gun violence.”


Only four police officers have applied for the 14 available positions. No one wants the gig.

Liberals in blue cities are decriminalizing offenses, defunding police departments, and instituting ridiculous policing and bail reforms that makes police work difficult. Why are lefty politicians sacrificing the safety of law-abiding black Americans to appease mostly black criminals?

It’s all here in this three-minute video called “Four Steps to Making America Communist.” Liberals are either part of the plan or too stupid to know they are “useful idiots.”

What Have We Learned?

*Buy ammo.

*To any law enforcement official who “might” read this, this is not a threat of violence. It’s just a jolly reminder from a patriotic comedian to his readers that they should buy ammo “just in case” the pinkos are successful.



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