Daily Dose of Downey: Mitch McConnell Warns Americans to Get Vaxxed or Get Locked Down

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15 Days to Flatten Your Head

Here we are, 520ish days after the “15 days to flatten the curve” fabrication, and Mitch McConnell is threatening another lockdown. He isn’t the only one.

Obey or Pay The Price

Mitch McConnell stated at a press conference today, “These shots need to get in everybody’s arms as rapidly as possible or we’re going to be back in a situation in the fall that we don’t yearn for, that we went through last year. This is not complicated.”

No, it’s not complicated. We recognize a threat when we see one, Mitch. The problem is that the U.S. government, that’s you, also said we just needed “15 days to flatten the curve” and that turned out to be a lie. There have been a ton of lies and a lot of inaccurate information, especially from the one person that should know better, Dr. Fauci. How is that jackpudding not in jail, much less unemployed? You tell us, Mitch.

What We Know

We know lockdowns don’t work. That’s been proven. Then why does Mitch want another one? Is it the old “Looky over here while we get away with crimes over there” maneuver? Perhaps it’s just a good old-fashioned power grab. Maybe he is just too stupid to come up with a Plan B. Pssst, Mitch, ask Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for advice–he’s better at this than you are.

We know that if the China virus is such a threat, Biden shouldn’t be allowing untested illegal immigrants to pour over the border. Thanks GOD the CDC is on the job and banned dogs from entering the country.


We know politicians lock down their constituents but ignore their own rules.

We know Mitch McConnell makes mad cheddar from communist China. Is the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) pulling his strings and telling him to lock us down?

We know that 50 or so Texas Democrat dullards flew to Washington and that thus far six have tested positive for the China flu. All were vaccinated. So what’s the point?

We know the CDC said “COVID-19 vaccines reduce the risk of people spreading the virus that causes COVID-19,” yet here we are, almost at Biden’s goal of 70 million people vaccinated, and McConnell is threatening another lockdown. Did I mention the six vaccinated Texas Democrats who caught COVID anyway? Maybe the CDC is wrong lying. Who is behind the CDC anyway? Oh, that’s right….

Dress Rehearsal for Communism

I don’t want to sound like QAnon, a conspiracy wackjob, or that homeless guy spewing nonsense as he sits in a puddle of his own urine, but this country is starting to look a little too pinko for my liking. At least the government isn’t going door to door and asking for vax info, yet.

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