Daily Dose of Downey: Communism Isn't Coming to America, It's Here


Better Dead Than Red

A lefty friend acquaintance asked me why I write about the “nonsense” of pinko-Americans trying to take over the country. He/it suggested I was just trying to “rile up the rednecks” for clicks. Actually, I not only believe 100% that it could happen, I think it’s already begun.


Which of these things isn’t true? I believe they are all accurate,

  • Progressives have taken over the schools at every education level
  • Big Tech (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) silences those that disagree with their narrative
  • Progressive mayors allow antifa and Black Lives Matter (BLM) to riot at will
  • Progressive prosecutors allow antifa and BLM to skate despite the carnage they cause
  • High-ranking Democrat politicians deny that antifa/BLM armies exist
  • Progressive prosecutors are coming down hard on Jan. 6 rioters even though they have caused far less damage than Antifa and BLM
  • The Democrats stole the election
  • Most of the media propagates lefty lies and denies the truth if it hurts their narrative
  • The Left is constantly chipping away at the Second Amendment because they know they can’t completely take over until it’s dissolved
  • A pandemic gutted the world and WE paid for the research that created it
  • Leftists are defunding the police everywhere
  • The FBI has become the Democrats’ Gestapo
  • Democrats have released thousands of criminals and repealed bail laws, resulting in the worst crime wave in decades

What did I miss? Please post it in the comments for the follow-up article.


One would have to be more than blind to not see the damage the leftists have caused in roughly six months of Gropey Joe’s reign. One would have to be a part of it, or at least down with the clowns creating it, and pretend they don’t see the chaos. Or, one would have to believe the Pravda-like CNN.

Sanctify Thyself, Downey

Before I continue, I must be honest. I used to be a Democrat. Of course I was–I’m from a family of what is now three generations of union auto workers. Vilify me in the comments, I deserve it, then find it in your Christian hearts to forgive me.

Some people think I’m still a lib. Understandable–just check out my profile pic. I look like I was kicked out of Duran Duran. I’m on a comedy stage wearing a fake fur coat and drinking (while working). I wear the lib uniform to this day, but now I THINK.

Wake-Up Call

With the help of a conservative friend, I smelled the coffee and then I woke up. I passed the same knowledge onto my girlfriend, who is 100% Puerto Rican. She was a Hillary supporter. Now we don’t miss a Trump rally on Long Island. We have eight Trump flags. We are both now “awake” but in the righteous, pro-American way.

Back to the Communist Threat

Communism is rearing its ugly red head faster than we can hoard ammo. Gropey Joe Biden spews Marxism whenever his handlers AOC allows him to speak. The politicians push Marxism, the Left applauds, and the media pretends it isn’t happening.

The Left has created the worst crime wave since the ’70s. They let criminals out of jail and got rid of bail laws to keep them out, all in the name of fighting “systemic racism.” They have to call it that to keep their voters on their side. But what happens when you stop arresting people? They commit more crimes. Thus the Dems are allowing black people to slaughter each other so the commies can say, “Look at all the gun crimes. Guns have to go.”

Then they blame “white supremacists” for the crimes, again to play the racism card. The leftists are actually sacrificing black lives so that they can go after guns. They NEED the Second Amendment gone before they can achieve total victory. It’s all a part of the commie playbook. Every move now is to kill the Second Amendment. We can’t let it get that far. This is not a time to sit back and say, “It’ll never happen here.”


We need to vote for real Republicans at every level. Attend school board meetings even if you don’t have kids in school. You’re paying school taxes, so you are allowed to attend. Hit them at the school level first. That’s the future. Volunteer to be a poll watcher. Voter fraud is why we are in this situation in the first place. Buy ammo, just in case. American exceptionalism is real, but so are the Bolsheviks. Did you think there would ever come a time when apparatchiks like “The Squad” would be “legally” elected to office? The commies are using democracy, or their cheating version of it, to take over. Once they are in place, they will be harder to remove than bed bugs.


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