Woke Don't Work: 6 Examples of Political Correctness Gone Tragically Bad

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It’s hip to be woke, even when the good intentions of political correctness bring disastrous results.

How could we have possibly known political correctness would fail? For starters, Frederick Douglass told us so in 1865 as the Civil War was ending. Addressing the Massachusetts Anti-Slavery Society, Douglass said,”Everybody has asked the question, and they learned to ask it early, ‘What should we do with the negro?’ I have had but one answer from the beginning. Do nothing with us. Your doing with us has already played the mischief with us.”


Jason L. Riley wrote an entire book about failed lefty PC woke programs that have crippled black people since the ’60s called Please Stop Helping Us: How Liberals Make it Harder For Blacks to Succeed.

No matter how many times PC implodes, white people will continue to inflict their well-intended tragedies upon minorities.

The Great White Wokeness continues. Here are five examples of white guilt gone horribly wrong.

1. BIG Pimpin’

In 1992 New York Democrat Senator Tom Harkin decided that brown kids working in overseas sweatshops was bad and wrote a bill that would ban U.S. import of products made from child labor. Bangladesh saw the writing on the wall and immediately fired 50,000 children, most of them girls, all 15 years old and under. Five years later UNICEF looked in on the children to see the ramifications of of Harkin’s well-meaning child labor bill and reported that a few of the unemployed kids had resorted to begging but a majority of the girls became prostitutes.

2. Help the Brown People
Last year, Guyanese national/illegal immigrant Reeaz Kahn was arrested for attacking his dad with a coffee mug but was immediately released because bail reform is good for brown people. ICE asked to pick him up but wasn’t allowed because NYC is a sanctuary city and ICE is the same as the KKK anyway. Kahn remained free and celebrated his release by raping and killing a 92-year-old brown person, Maria Fuertes. De Blasio and Cuomo with the assist.
3. The REAL Long Island Serial Killers

When you call them “Dreamers” they sound so sweet. However, hundreds of machete-wielding members of MS-13 snuck into the U.S. under Obama’s kind, well-meaning DACA plan. They killed 52 people in 10 years on Long Island alone, almost always with clubs and machetes. Here are pics of 22 of the victims, all are brown or black, all killed by “woke.”

4. Woke Is the New Black

Hans Christian Heg was an abolitionist turned Civil War colonel. He died charging Confederate troops at Chickamauga (a National Parks marker shows the exact spot he was shot). His general called him “the bravest of the brave.” He lost over 100 men in the war, mostly Scandanavian immigrants. In return for his dedication to freeing black people, slavery-hating BLM toppled his Madison, Wisc., statue last summer.

5. I Have a Nightmare

MLK marched, spoke out and died for equality and unity. Evergreen College in Washington State has been trying for four years to do just the opposite. The school wants to rid itself of pesky white college students, many of whom are presumably, and ironically, woke liberals. Nothing says “Let’s end racism” quite like “We demand racism.” Shockingly, white student admissions are WAY down thanks to the “Day of Absence,” which is woke-speak for “white people stay home.”

6. Borders Are Racist!

Shortly after Philly’s white, lib mayor, Jim Kenney, was taped doing a victory jig over his city achieving sanctuary status, illegal immigrant Ramon Ochoa, safe thanks to the dancing mayor, raped a child. The only thing more embarrassing than watching the mayor shuffle-off-to-Buffalo is reading how DA Larry Krasner tried to blame Trump for the carnage.

There are thousands more examples of how lefty ideals have blown up in the faces of the woke, but there are two hot dogs and five White Claws staring at me. Enjoy your weekend.


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