Eight Lovely AR-15 Facts (#7 Is the Best) You Need to Argue With a Lib

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Show progressives your AR-15 and it’s like flashing a crucifix at a vampire. They recoil, hiss, and occasionally soil themselves. They will tell you all day that ARs are the devil’s kazoo. A weapon of war that has no place in your gun safe.


You can’t have real AR-15 conversations with liberal komrades. It’s like discussing an iPhone with the Amish. They know too little about the weapon to discuss it responsibly. They just know what Don Lemon tells them. The weapon has an evil mind of its own. More importantly, YOU don’t need one. 

Liberal Fact-O-Rama: If you gaze into a mirror and say ”Bloody AR” 10 times, a redneck will shoot up a Denny’s. 

If you find yourself in an online blowout with a Facebook Trotskyite about “America’s Rifle,” you’ll need to know a few things to shut him down. Here are some AR fun-fill facts in convenient (.223) bullet format;

  1. The AR stands for Armalite (not assault rifle) because the gun was developed by a company called “Armalite.”
  2. It is not an “assault rifle.”
  3. It’s not a machine gun either. It’s semi-automatic. One trigger squeeze gets you one commie stopper.
  4. They are not used in a majority of mass shootings.
  5. The Assault Weapons ban of 1994 didn’t keep ONE rifle from being made. It just called for certain gun modifications, like no lug for a bayonet (you know, to curb all the mass bayonet murders), no high-cap mags, flash suppressors, collapsible stocks, and no pistol grips.
  6. Big, scary AR-15s actually come in many pretty colors. Great Lakes Fire Arms makes one in black cherry. You can find them in camo pink.
  7. More people are murdered every year by edged weapons (knives, swords, Ginsus, etc.) than by ALL rifles combined (ARs, hunting, Civil War reenactors, etc.).
  8. More people are murdered every year by feet and fists (Kung Fu, Krav Maga, punches) than by ALL rifles combined.

What IS an assault rifle?

An assault rifle is a gun that fires in automatic mode (machine gun) and semi-automatic. Today’s assault rifles may also have a “burst” mode, which fires three rounds with every trigger pull.

Germany created the first assault rifle during WWII, the “Sturmgewehr 44” or StG 44. Brad Pitt uses one in the movie “Fury.” You can buy an StG 44 knock-off in 22LR (semi-auto only).

Your AR-15 is NOT an assault rifle, nor is it a “weapon of war.” Even if it was, you can’t find ammo these days. Without ammo, your rifle is just a club. 

I should have stated this first, but when it comes to the AR-15 nothing you say will change the minds of bolshevik-Amerikans. Don’t waste your time. They will never agree the that Constitution allows you to have one. You’re better off going to the range with your weapon and posting some photos. They’ll see the pics and go nuts. You get some gun practice AND the thrill of triggering a lib. Bonus points if they get so mad they call you a racist, redneck Trump-loving yahoo.

Lefties ARE correct when they say that “No one hunts with an AR-15!” This is true. Few people hunt with them. The AR-15 is for defending the republic against commie pinkos, both foreign and domestic.


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