Nick DiPaolo's New Podcast 'Goes Against the Status Quo'

Around this time back in 2011, I told PJ Media readers that stand up comic Nick DiPaolo and his longtime friend and colleague Artie Lange had signed a juicy three-year deal to host a sports talk show on satellite radio.


As a fan, I was thrilled for DiPaolo.

He’s been stealing every Comedy Central Roast since they began, and was the undisputed (co)star of the late-lamented Tough Crowd.

That’s why I can’t figure out why (in the words of his fellow comedian Joe Rogan) he’s still not selling out arenas.

So obviously I was shocked (and ticked off) when his radio show returned to the air after the Christmas 2012 break — without him.

Why? No one’s talking, even now, probably for legal reasons.

(It took me far too long to learn that you almost never find out the real reason you — or anybody else — gets either fired or dumped.)

The good news is, DiPaolo promptly went back out on the road, which — don’t kid yourself — isn’t as fun as it sounds, especially when you’re, well, not a kid anymore.

(There’s a reason that’s the premise of Adam Carolla’s next movie…)

DiPaolo has also put together a new hour, just recorded his new performance DVD — and he’s launched a new weekly podcast.

“Great. Another comedian with a podcast,” DiPaolo said sarcastically within the first few minutes of his first show, wisely cutting snotty objections off at the pass.


And yeah, there are lots of comic-hosted podcasts around, from the aforementioned Adam Carolla’s #1 show to Marc Maron’s long form, scab-peeling interviews with fellow comedians.

But anyone who’s heard Nick DiPaolo on radio before — say, when he calls in to Dennis Miller’s show — knows that DiPaolo was born to do broadcasting.

Now, once a week, DiPaolo is free to talk about whatever he wants, uncensored.

It’s the perfect setup because he’s been “politically incorrect” before the phrase had to be invented.

Lately, though, he’s been hinting that he’s tired of being pigeonholed as “that right winger”:

“I’ve always been a little opinionated, but I’m still not really a political guy.”

He traces the misperception back to his days on Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn. “Patrice O’Neal and me used to bang heads all the time, because nobody would call him on the double-standard but me. But I’m not a political guy. Once I did that show though, people right away wanted to throw me in a category of right winger. (…)

“It just so happens what I believe goes against the status quo. It’s not a choice.”


One recent (decidedly apolitical) podcast was devoted to every comedy geek’s favorite topic: road stories.

Like I said, life on the road can be — appropriately enough — a lot like a car accident: the spectacle can be weirdly fascinating as long as you’re not the one with the steering wheel piercing your chest.

Needless to say, DiPaolo works well with an audience, even an audience of one, like Dennis Miller. I don’t know if he’s considered taking phone calls (which can be a colossal mental and technical pain) or getting a guest host or just guests, period. Then again, he only has an hour right now, and probably doesn’t want to waste it.

What matters is, the podcast had a strong start. It’s up at iTunes and everything.

Fans like me are just thrilled to get a weekly dose of Nick DiPaolo (anti)venom to see us through the other six days.


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